a hilly weekend recap

This is probably one of the most uneventful weekend recaps ever, but hey, you'll have that sometimes. A lot of our friends were out of town, and staying inside (for the most part) and just spending time as husby and wifey sounded like a divine idea.

What I did:
  • I'm pretty sure Clayton and I both fell asleep on the couch around 11:30 pm on Friday night despite having taken an hour and a half-long nap immediately after work. I now drive home from Indy in the afternoons, so I was pretty certain that getting home much earlier would prevent me from being a party-pooper on Friday nights ... but evidently not. So Clay and I cooked some chicken nuggets and french fries in the oven, watched Reno 911 on Netflix, and passed out.
  • Saturday morning I sprang out of bed at 7:45 a.m. and headed across town to participate in the Race for Literacy 5k, a race to help benefit the Teacher's Warehouse (a non-profit organization dedicated to making sure students have adequate school supplies). A lot of runner folks around town aren't too keen on this race primarily because it boasts a rather hilly course, but I ran it last year and was really curious to see if I had improved over the past 12 months.

    Well, guess what? Not only did I improve my time by over 3 minutes, I actually placed in the race! Last year's time was 27:31 and this year I finished in 24:22! Woot! Woot! That's a 7:51 min/mile pace and definitely my 5k PR ... on a hilly course, no less!

    Not the prettiest medal on the block, but I'll take it!

    Ha ha! Hills? What hills? I laugh at hills.

    Actually, no. The hills really sucked. They just sucked a little bit less this year because *gasp!* I've been training my booty off.

    There is virtually no different between these before and after racing pictures. 
    But this is my first single digit race bib! NEATO!

    I've never placed in a race before, so this was très exciting for me. I placed 3rd overall for the women and was given a medal and a gift certificate to a local sporting goods store. It was just the confidence boost I needed after coming off a bad race at the One American 500 Festival mini.

    It's kind of amazing how God answers prayers you didn't even think to ask for because earning a gift certificate allowed me to be able to afford a brand spankin' new pair of Brooks! The search for new running shoes is officially over! No more experimenting with brands and dragging my feet through heck and back in less than stellar sneakersThanks to the gift certificate, I can continue with my brand loyalty. I am now the proud new owner of a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12s!

    Aren't they pretty!?
    I'm still trying to decide how I'm going to break it to my Brooks Defyance 4s that they are being replaced. I know they're just shoes, but gosh, I feel bad. Those Defyance 4s have been with me for almost an entire year (Hence my recent hip pain. I should have replaced those puppies about 5 months ago), and letting go of shoes who have literally traveled everywhere with me is kind of heartbreaking. I want to let them down gently, but they were in the car with me when I bought my new shoes, so they already know something's up ...

    Me talking to my shoes like they're people shouldn't really surprise you. You already know I sing to my Kitchen Aid mixer.

    When I was trying shoes on at the sporting goods store, the woman who was assisting me gave me the greatest compliment ever. She said, "Oh, so you're a runner? You definitely look like one."

    Because apparently THIS is what a runner looks like:

    I don't know what was up with the camera angle, but my legs look FREAKY.

  • While Clay and I were on that side of town, we made a quick trip to the mall for goodness-knows-what, but I think I subconsciously really wanted to check in on Chipper (the beagle I fell in love with earlier this month). We walked into the pet store and I instantly spotted his sweet little face peering out from his kennel ... as well as the giant sign hanging above him that said "SOLD". On one hand, I was delighted that he finally found a home after having spent the last 2 months cooped up in this pet store, but on the inside I couldn't help but feel sad that his new home wasn't with me. One of the employees said he had been purchased not even an hour ago and while his new family was filling out the paper work, 2 more couples came in and tried to buy him at the same time. I was glad to hear he was suddenly in such high demand, but that didn't prevent me from walking out of the pet store with tears in my eyes (like a total loser).
  •  Even though we didn't have any cash on us and I was a stinky, hot mess after my race, Clay and I stopped by the Farmers' Market to check out the local produce and other homegrown goodies.

    It was amazing! I absolutely adore going to the Farmers' Market and this upcoming weekend we're making it a point to come prepared with some cash because I've never seen such delicious looking vegetables. This place is a healthy eater's dream come true. Sure, it's a little pricey compared to stopping at a chain grocery store, but giving back to the community and helping to keep your city fed with fresh, organic veggies is totally worth the extra $$! We didn't buy too much from the market last year, but we definitely will this summer!
  • The weather was a little iffy on Saturday, but on Sunday morning I got lots and lots of good sun on our back patio. Even though I have lots of book on my "To Be Read" list (I still haven't finished The Hunger Games trilogy), I didn't want to take my Kindle outdoors while I tanned and ended up re-reading an old paperback of mine, Jamima J. by Jane Green. I haven't broken into my collection of chick lit for quite some time, and I got so engrossed in the story that I almost re-read the entire thing in one sitting.
  • Clay and I played a lot of video games and watched  a lot of NCAA softball. We busted out Clay's old Xbox and discovered we could play his Family Guy video game on his new Xbox 360 and as nerdy as it is to admit, that's pretty much all we did on Saturday night. Taking the occasional break to flip back and forth between softball games, we almost beat the video game. I'm sure we'll be working on it more later tonight. :)
What I ran:
  • Well, as you already know from above, I ran a 5k race on Saturday even though Saturdays are typically my long run days. Still wanting to get a long run worked into my schedule, I decided to try and squeeze in a 6 mile run on Sunday instead. However, after pushing myself in a very hilly race the day before as well as spending that morning laying out in the sun, I had absolutely no energy to run 6 miles. I had a change of plans and forced those 6 miles to become a 2-mile recovery run. I was disappointed I didn't get in my usual mileage and that I didn't a real chance to break in my new shoes, but my body was giving me all the signals of exhaustion and I thought it would be smart to just head back to the house and walk on the treadmill for a bit.

What I baked:

  • This is terrible, but I didn't bake anything. I opened my cookie recipe book on Sunday night and prepared to make a batch of Snickerdoodles, but as I looked around my freshly cleaned kitchen, I didn't have the heart to dirty everything up again. I know, I know. That's probably the laziest thing ever, but like I said, it was a slow weekend.

    But if it's any consolation, Clay and I got our sugar fix on Saturday afternoon when we stopped at Red Mango for frozen yogurt. You know what's so great about Red Mango? Each of their yogurt flavors is fat free with only 25-40 calories an ounce and after you dispense as much ice cream as you want, you can hop up to a self-serve bar and top your frozen yogurt with almost any kind of fruit, candy, or cereal you can imagine. I had a little bit of peanut butter frozen yogurt mixed with a cake batter flavor and topped it off with strawberries, sprinkles, and graham cracker crumbs. YUMMY doesn't even begin to describe it!

I hope you all had a good weekend, too! I'm particularly jazzed about this week because Clay's and my last work day of the week is tomorrow. We're taking the rest of the week off to have a blissful stay-cation right here in our cozy townhouse. We had every intention of renting a cabin in Tennessee this week, but something about staying at home and taking mini day trips was so appealing, we just couldn't refuse. I'll be sure to post tomorrow evening, but that's all you'll hear from me until next Monday.  The hubs and I will be powering down our phones and internet and spending our stay-cation off the grid (I can't make any promises that I won't tweet from my iPod though.) We can't wait!