Fun. nights

As you may recall from a previous blog post, I am quite smitten with the band Fun.. Fun.'s sophomore album, Some Nights, has been on repeat in my car for months and I've had tickets to last night's show in my wallet since March.

Clay's not really into Fun.'s style of music, but being the ever-amazing husband that he is, he came to the concert with me anyway. So after making a quick stop at the hospital to visit Clay's grandfather who was admitted the previous evening for blood clots, we jumped in my car and drove to Indianapolis. The show started at 8, but we actually didn't arrive at the venue until close to 9 o'clock. Visiting Papaw in his time of need was far more important than a concert, so we both made peace with the fact that we'd be missing half the show.

However, when we walked into the Old National Centre's Egyptian Room, we were relieved and delighted to see the show hadn't even started yet. I couldn't help but notice that the hazy room had a faint smell of old fried chicken, but I wasn't going to let a stinky atmosphere ruin my good time. Not even 5 minutes after arriving, the lights dimmed and Fun. took the stage.

But I couldn't very well go into the concert
without molesting the band's tour bus, could I?

I've never been to a concert that was "standing room only" and on the drive to Indy I was filled with anxiety that it was going to be crowded and I'd have to fight off drunk college students for decent elbow room. I was pleasantly surprised to find the room wasn't full (I'm wondering if that was because the concert was in the middle of the week and maybe because Fun. isn't exactly mainstream yet), and Clay and I had no problems finding a decent view of the stage.

But there were annoying drunk college girls coming out of the woodwork. It's just my luck to be standing next to a total train wreck at a public event, and for 2 hours I was forced to watch an overly tanned mess in a striped cowboy hat shimmy and shake on top of everyone around her (in between bouts of furiously making out with her date, of course). I'm not sure how one manages to dance like a skank during a slow song, but Ms.Cowboy Hat sure found a way! She must be some kind of trollop genius!

My camera blows. I've already propositioned Clayton for a new one.

Seeing Fun. live only reiterated my suspicions that Nate Ruess is one of the best frontmen on the planet. I've been to a lot concerts, and he is without a doubt the most passionate performer I've ever seen (No offense to Kelly Clarkson). His energy was infectious and he took several pauses between songs to express his gratitude that we came out to hear them play. Ruess even admitted that the little ol' Egyptian Room is the biggest venue Fun. has headlined to date, and he appeared almost overwhelmed with disbelief that he was living his dream out on stage. You could tell that seeing a sea of faces sing along to the lyrics he wrote touched him in an awesome, humbling way. I've never seen such a gracious artist. 

And his voice live? Even BETTER than his studio recordings.

Of course Fun. saved their popular radio hit, "We Are Young" until close to the end of the show, but their encore performance was my personal favorite (and the title track), "Some Nights". 

This video is not from last night's show and that is certainly NOT me singing off-key in the background. ha ha!

Now, I'm not one to get all dance-y and crazy at a show, but "Some Nights" is my JAM and I couldn't help but to be all like,

It's amazing how powerful music can be. While Ruess was belting out the lyrics to "We Are Young" and I looked around the room and saw hundreds of hands swaying in the air, I couldn't help but get swept up in the message of his song. The majority of last night's audience was close to my age, and for a brief moment I felt a kindred spirit with all of these other 20-somethings who were trying to find their place and direction in the world ...

... until that same stupid drunk girl stumbled backwards and stomped all over my injured big toe.

Then the gushy  moment was officially over, and I went right back to hating everyone.

All was right with the world once again.