Courtney Confessions

  •  I can't do a lot of the things that other people can do. I know that sounds weird, but as I've gotten older, I started to realize that I can't perform basic functions that should come naturally to most people. A few weeks ago I confessed that I forgot how to ride a bike. This week I'm admitting that I have absolutely no idea how to use an electric toothbrush.

    Clay's uncle is our dentist (which is kind of adorable because my uncle's a dentist, too!), and he and his wife gave us with an electric toothbrush for a wedding gift a few years ago. Being creature of habit, we didn't use the electric toothbrush that often, but I recently brought it out hiding from beneath our bathroom sink because I'm a huge fan of immaculate oral hygiene. After squirting a dollop of tooth paste onto the waiting bristles, I stupidly turned on the electric tooth brush before I put it in my mouth and needless to say, paste shot all over the sink (and my shirt). When I finally managed to insert the swirling brush into my mouth (which was like trying to arm wrestle an over-caffeinated rattlesnake because I still didn't have the common sense to turn off the tooth brush), the vibration rattled my head so hard my ears popped. Then, when I tried to run the brush over my front teeth, it tickled my gums and I dropped the tooth brush in the sink. 30 seconds in I completely gave up and mouth washed instead.
  • Clay isn't allowed to take personal phone calls at work which has been a huge adjustment for me because I'm used to being able to call him whenever I please (which is, more often than not, just me calling to say, "Whatcha doin'?"). In fact, if his phone even rings he gets the stink eye from his boss (which begs the question, why does he even have a phone?), and I accidentally got him a stern talking-to once when I called to ask him what he wanted for dinner. So, I've had to resort to calling his cell phone to let him know I'm trying to reach him. That way, he can feel his phone vibrating in his pocket and excuse himself outside to give me a quick call back. Every time I do this, I giggle because calling his cell phone is like sending out a Batman signal.

  • I am nutty for almonds (pun totally intended). The crowning glory of our weekend shopping trip to Sam's Club was the 6-pound bag of almonds I bought for $9! Almonds are the perfect foodthey are yummy by themselves, delicious on salads, and the perfect compliment to trail mixes and granola. It's sufficient to say that I am guilty of standing over my 6-pound bag of nuts (ha ...) and shoveling sliced almonds into my mouth like they're currency. Luckily almonds are packed full of protein and healthy fat (in moderation, of course).
  • Sometimes I get wicked jealous of how crafty my big sister is. She comes up with the cutest, most clever ideas that I couldn't think of even if someone was wagging the directions in front of my face. She's like a prettier, younger, less felon-y version of Martha Stewart. Ashley is very into gardening and her most recent masterpiece is this adorable little "Toad Abode" that she made for the toads that live in her garden space. How cute!


 Do you have anything you need to confess today?

Alrighty, kiddos, I have to get ready to meet Mandy at the IU Outdoor Track. She's letting me tag along with her and the other members of our city's running association as they run sprints tonight, and I must admit that I am both nervous and excited. I'm excited about getting a chance to squeeze in some speed work before Saturday's 5k, but also nervous because this is one serious running crowd. I hope I can keep up!


  1. I confess.........that I love coffee. Maybe too much. And I hoard cross stitch patterns, fabric, & fibers. And pretty scrapbook paper. I confess that I love fresh Jersey peaches from a roadside market. And that even though I knew I had to take it easy this past week for medical reasons, it didn't stop me from seriously considering popping in one of the workouts so I wouldn't fall too far behind in my routine.

    That's all I'm willing to confess at the moment :-) Hope you ad fun running those sprints!!


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