you were expecting a weekend recap, weren't you?


Yeah, I don't have a weekend recap for you today.

First of all, I can't find the USB cord that goes to my camera and it's the type of USB cord that fits my camera and my camera only, so I can't just use another USB cord all willy nilly and expect it to fit in the little hole-thingy.

Sooooooooo ... I can't download any of my pictures from the weekend and what good is a blog post without pictures?

Plus, I'm totally PMSing and as you'll recall from a similar post four weeks ago, this is the one week of the month where I hate everyone and everything (especially things with opinions, pulses or pants sizes) and no amount of deep fried Oreos or whiskey can talk me down off the ledge. My "special lady time" has never been as difficult as it has been the past few months, and I have no idea what's going on. Normally I breeze through this week like, "Birth control: It's awesome, bitches!" (minus the "bitches" part if I'm actually saying it out loud), but lately I feel like my emotions have been blocked like a kink in a garden hose and once I start taking the week of white "sugar" pills, someone straightens out the hose and a whole flood of crazy comes shooting out at mach speed.

That being said, it's rather difficult for me to write an upbeat post about how stupidly awesome my 3-day weekend was when I'm all like:

I will have the weekend recap for you guys tomorrow, I promise.