A Thankskilling weekend recap

 What I did:
  • I was hellbent on having a weekend with the hubs that wasn't dictated by errands and household chores, so while Clay went out for drinks with his buddies on Friday night, I cleaned the house from top to bottom. By the time he got back to the apartment, everything was sparkling clean and we didn't have to lift a finger all weekend. It was weird sleeping in on Saturday morning and not having to get up and run or clean the kitchen.
  • The weather was sunny and clear for most of the weekend, so I got in lots and lots of time out in the sun. I laid a beach towel on our tiny square of patio concrete and tanned myself for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoon with little regard for my neighbors who could easily watch me flop around in my bikini. But with my ugly green sunglasses on and iPod streaming Netflix, I was in heaven. Now I have a lovely tint to get me started for the summer, and I'm almost caught up on The Office.
  • While Clayton was doing his own workout, I used my "day off" from running to take Joey on a hike at a nature park near my in-law's house. This was the first time Joey's been to this nature park since 2008 when we took him and Hooch on an afternoon walk a few weeks before our wedding. And just like last time, Joey was completely intimidated by the grated stairs at the park's entrance and once again, I had to carry my 30-pound beagle down all 6 steep flights.

    From our last excursion. Joey just parks himself on the stairs and whines.

  • Saturday night Clay and I spent the evening at our friends' house watching terrible, terrible B-movies that included a movie about Elvis fighting evil spirits in a nursing home and Thankskilling, a horror film about a Thanksgiving turkey who was seeking revenge on the pilgrims who wronged him over 500 years ago. When our friends said the movie was awesomely bad and had a memorable line of "Gobble, gobble, motherf**ker", we had no choice but to watch it immediately.

    For me personally, the best part of the entire movie was when the sinister turkey butchered a girl's father and wore his face as mask and no one noticed.


What I ran:
  • Wanting desperately to have a Saturday where I had absolutely nothing to do but sleep in and hang out with friends, I scheduled my long run for Friday night instead. The weather was hot and I was feeling a little stressed about a personal problem I had encountered at work that day, but I pulled it out and managed to have a semi-decent (though painful) 6 mile run before I officially started my weekend. I used this run to test and unfortunately ixnay yet another new pair of running shoes. This week's offenders? Adidas ClimaCool Modulation High-Performance Running Shoes.

    From Kohls.com
    In the growing trend of "barefoot" running and shoe manufactures striving to make the lightest shoes possible, there is such a thing as too lightweight. Me, a runner who has never experienced any sort of joint discomfort during a run in my entire life, was in such pain by mile 2 that I almost had to stop. These shoes offer absolutely zero cushion or support, and the shock of my feet hitting the ground sent searing pain up my right hip. Needless to say, these shoes went back to the store immediately.

    The quest for affordable, high-quality running shoes continues.
  • Sunday morning I woke up super early and met my friend, Mandy, at the upper trails at Griffy Lake. Even though we had every intention of having an "easy" run, the hilly terrain and constant dodging of brush and roots exhausted me quickly. We took a few walk breaks to maneuver our way up the steeper inclines and by the time we were finished, I was dripping with sweat. But am I a total freak for thinking it was awesome? I'm newer to trail running, but I'm already addicted to the challenge of blazing across uneven ground.

    Running with Mandy and her super sweet Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch did finally force me to accept the fact that the running app on my iPod Touch is completely useless. When we stopped for a quick break, we compared notes on our mileage and my Nike + GPS app said we ran 2.35 miles when Mandy's watch said we had only run 2.03. That's far too large of a discrepancy to ignore and if given the choice, anyone in their right mind would trust Garmin over a $1.99 iTunes app. I want to assume it was off because we were running under a thick ceiling of trees, but I'm sick of taking gambles on it. I'm far too OCD to be "guesstimating" the accuracy of my running times. When the app is calibrated before a typical run through my neighborhood, it's accurate within in .05 of a mile, and that's just going to have to work until I can scrape my pennies together for a watch.

What I baked:
  • Clay and I definitely had one of those weeks where our schedules were so busy that we hardly saw each other. Due to his work schedule and our combined 3 softball teams this summer, finding time to have dinner together was near impossible. We relied on tuna fish sandwiches and quick hellos as we scampered off to our various activities, opting to have quick snacks rather than having to wait until midnight to eat a decent meal. So I decided to make it up to Clay this weekend by baking him a giant batch of his favoriteplain ol' chocolate chip cookies. I didn't do anything differently this time around, but my finicky oven finally decide to produce perfect, chewy cookies.

  • We also drank a lot of beer this weekend, but that's not really baking. I just wanted to let you know.


  1. Is that Leonard Springs? Puppyface HATES those stairs. Refuses to go down them. Craig slides down the side of the hill with her because of it. Silly puppy.

    1. Yes! It was at Leonard Springs Nature Park! Joey puts his wittle paws on the first step and as soon as he slips through the giant grates, he collapses flat on the stairs and refuses to move. He tries to walk down the side, but he's so off-balance I feel safer just carrying him!

  2. Maybe Joey was actually scared of that giant scary dog at the top of the stairs? lol

  3. We have to carry our dogs down those stairs too every time we go. The park is just down the road from our house too!


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