A tardy weekend recap

Last night I did the 100 Workout and while 120 squats proved to be quite the challenge for my stubby little thunder thighs, it helped improve my rotten PMS mood significantly.

Being the hardcore, never quit, more-is-better, I-won't-stop-til'-I-puke warrior that I am, I modified this workout by tagging an addition10 minute run at the beginning and a 10 minute interval walk at the end.  Between the half hour of cardio and the calisthenics, I worked out for a total of 55 minutes ... And that may be why I felt better afterwardsI was too tired to bitch.

You know what else vastly alleviated my PMS last night? Coming home from work, opening the fridge and discovering this gift from Clay:

Snickers and Diet Coke: An emotionally unstable girl's best friends.

While happily munching on a Snickers and sipping my giant Diet Coke, Clay sat at the kitchen table and  helped me rank my favorite candy bars in ascending order based on chocolate to nougat ratio.

God bless that man.

Anyway, I promised you a weekend recap and here it is!

What I did:
  • As you know, Friday night we threw a big party at our apartment for Clayton's birthday. Most of the guest list RSVP'd "yes" and we ended up having a full house. While Clayton and I provided the hot dog and hamburger fixings, our gracious friends brought yummy contributions from pasta salad to fresh fruits and veggies. Dan and Emily even let us borrow their corn hole set and everyone stayed outside playing and talking until the sun went down. After most our guests left, Clay and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning with Dan and Emily, taking tequila shots and playing a silly board game. Overall, I'd consider the party as a huge success and most importantly, I know Clayton has a great time. :)

    Before the guests and the rest of the food arrived.
  • I took advantage of the extreme summer temperatures and parked myself out on our patio several times of the course of the long weekend for sunbathing. Even though I fried my face a bit and putting on a bra later kind of hurt, I returned to work this week with a nice starter tan.

  • Clay and I took a trip to the mall specifically to visit a beagle puppy I'd been raving about to him for the past week. When I went on a solo trip to return a swimsuit to Victoria's Secret last Monday, I made a quick stop at the pet store and almost stopped breathing when I spotted a gorgeous 14-inch beagle sprawled out in a cage, flopped on his back with his tiny beagle legs spread wide. I was taken aback and fell instantly in love because he was the spitting image of my baby Joey. This pet store carries beagle puppies all the time, but never the 14-inch breed (the shorter, stockier breed of beagle and my personal favorite). Never one to play with a puppy by myself at the mall like a total creepster, I all but shouted at one of the employees to let me hold him. I secretly named the puppy Chipper, and I knew I just had to get Clayton over there to see him, too.

    So on Saturday afternoon I introduced Clayton to my little Chipper and we honestly weighed the pros and cons of adding another member to our family. We tried having a second dog the first winter we were married, but I think we bought that beagle puppy just for the sake of having one and we never really bonded with him. After having him only a few weeks, we ended up selling the puppy to a good friend who loves and cherishes him just like he deserves. But this beagle was different. I felt a tug on my heart the second I locked big, brown eyes with him and I legitimately felt like he could be mine. I felt sad leaving the pet store and Clay and I walked around the mall, debating if we could take on a puppy. I know in my heart I could love as many dogs as their are calories in cake, but we ultimately decided we didn't want to take on the financial obligation of another pet. Plus, I think Joey would go insane with jealously. He's been an only child for a long time and that's a hard habit to break. Not to mention, I would just die if Joey ever felt like we were replacing him or if he felt like he had to fight for our attention.

  • Joey got to go on lots of car rides this weekend, including a car ride out of town to a nearby state park so he could roam the trails and sniff like beagles are meant to do. But I think we spoiled him with all of the exercise because anytime Clay or I made a move towards the front door, Joey would materialize on the stairs all like, "Where are we going?"

    "We go on car ride?"

  • On Monday morning, Clay took me to our city's community pool to fight annoying teenagers for lounge chairs and sunscreen. I've lived here for almost 8 years now, and this was the first time I ever visited the public pool. It was also the first time either of us had been swimming since last summer and splashing around in the cold water was just the refreshment we needed to end our long weekend.

  • Oh yeah, and we grilled like it was going out of style. We bought 5 pounds of ground beef for Clay's party and had a crazy amount of leftovers, so we fired up the new grill for every single meal of the weekend ... and it was heavenly.

What I ran:
  • I don't know if you noticed, but this past weekend was ridiculously hot. It was so hot, we could hardly take Joey for walks around the block without him collapsing underneath a shady tree. I had absolutely no business going outside to run, let alone going outside to run 7 miles on Saturday morning.

    But I did it anyway.

    It was a very slow run. So slow, I adjusted the display setting on my GPS watch so I only saw mileage, not pace. I knew it wasn't going to be a speedy workout and I figured that not having access to my average pace would be the best way to prevent me from killing myself. The 7 miles almost felt like a stagnant crawl and I spent the first 3 of them running towards a shaded part of the trail so I could run beneath a protective ceiling of trees. While it did very little to cool me off, having the blaring sun out of my eyes for a half hour did help tremendously. The ice cubes Clay placed in my running pack not only melted instantly, but ended up feeling hot against my skin. I almost stopped once to see if my water bottle was boiling.

    Running in 90 degree heat probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done, but if I'm going to cower indoors every time the temperatures hover above 80 degrees, I'm never going to get to run this summer.

    After regaining my footing and assuring myself I wasn't going to faint on the way back to my car, I picked a handful of wildflowers to place in a vase on our kitchen table. When I got home and presented them to Clay he said, "Those are weeds, dear."

  • Sunday was an uneventful 3-mile recovery run that I wisely chose to keep indoors on our treadmill. (Have I ever mentioned how incredibly thankful I am to have that piece of machinery?) It was supposed to be a recovery run, but the upstairs guest room was a little too stuffy for comfort and I ended up running way faster than I probably should have.

  • Monday afternoon I revisited the treadmill and tried a new ladder workout that had me running a series of hill repeats for 3 miles. It was a difficult workout, but it was fun and doing a workout broken down into 4 minute segments made it go by really fast, too.

What I baked:
  • Sadly, there's not too much to report from my kitchen over the past weekend. We were so busy and had so many groceries from Friday night, baking copious amounts of cookies or cupcakes just seemed redundant. However, I did whip up a big batch of chocolate dirt pudding for Clayton's party. It's one of Clayton's favorite desserts and it's quick and easy to make. I used light margarine, fat free cream cheese and reduced fat Oreos, so it was relatively healthy, too!

  • I guess I could mention that I made chocolate cake in the middle of the week for his actual birthday. After going out to dinner with his family, everyone came back to our apartment and we had slices of chocolate cake served inside waffle bowls with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top. Since time was of the essence, I had to rely on a box mix, but it was some sort of pudding consistency that made the cake come out so moist and delicious, condensation formed on the cake plate's lid.

Sorry it was late, but that's my quick and dirty weekend recap. I hope everyone is having a good, and I will talk to you soon!


  1. rating candy bars... i think i need to take the time to do this. it would probably be a better use of my time to rate ice cream though: ice cream to candy bits ratio. yes, this would be extremely productive as i spend an inexcusable amount of life trying to determine what kind of ice cream to buy. a list would be a life-saver.

    1. I highly recommend making a list of all your favorite treats, not just candy bars and ice cream!

      Have you tried Blue Bunny's Birthday Cake flavor? I'm trying to cut down on my dairy intake, but I can't help myself if ice cream is in the room. Ice cream that tastes like CAKE!? It's too good to be true!


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