Summer goals

 I'm ready for summer.

With temperatures hovering in the mid to upper 80s this past weekend, I got a major hankering for all the glorious sunshine and hot stickiness that is to come in the next few months. Even though I almost died racing this weekend, I left the mini marathon with more than just a sense of satisfaction and a shiny new medalI left with a hint of a sun tan.

I think that's my favorite part of the season. Admittedly, the slight glow my skin acquired this weekend is more of the "farmer's tan" variety and the contrast of my stark white upper thighs is kind of nauseating, but my knees caps are glorious! And I keep admiring the subtle bronze tint to my arms. Is it just me or does the tint make them look leaner, more toned and dare I say it ... sexier?

After spending most of my weekend in the bathroom with runner's revenge, I'll take absolutely anything that will make me feel a little sexier.

So yes, I am ready for summer! I'm ready for the colorful assortment of fresh fruits and veggies at the local farmers' market. I'm ready for the lingering scent of fresh cut grass around my apartment building. I'm ready for the smell of charcoal grills firing up around the neighborhood. I'm ready for the feeling of sweaty skin diving into the chilly water of a crystal clear swimming pool. I'm ready for tanlines. I'm ready for sun-streaked hair. I'm ready for longer days and cookouts and sitting outside after dark enjoy icy cold beers with friends.

I'm ready for summer goals.

If there's one thing you should no about me, it's that I'm a woman with a plan. I like having a goal, something to work towards. I like having a schedule. (If Clay would let me frame my race training schedules and hang them up in the living room, I probably would.) I like having something to achieve. I like being busy. I like pushing my limits and my boundaries,.

So summer goals I am creating!

Courtney's Summer Goals
(in no particular order)
  • Attempt to make fondant. Hi, welcome to this blog! My name is Courtney and I have borderline-romantic feelings towards cake. Have we met?

    Yes, I want to attempt making fondant. I'm simply dazzled by all of the amazing wedding cakes I never got to have (our wedding cake came from Wal-Mart. It's called a budget.), and the amount of cake websites you'll find in my web-browsing history is almost pornographic. I'm fascinated by fondant. You can do crazy-awesome things with it and even though I will never have the capability of making fondant worthy to be on someone's wedding cake, I still want to play with it. It looks like a giant ball of edible play dough. (Who am I kidding? To my sister and I, play dough was edible.)
  • Bake something yummy for me and my family (and sometimes my co-workers) once a week. Mixie has already been showered with lots of attention from me in the short 7 months she's been in my life, and I greatly look forward to our first summer together.

    .... Holy goodness, I have issues.
  • Enjoy as many local road races as possible.

    I'm already signed up for two local 5ks next month as well as the Indianapolis Color Run in July ... and that's only the beginning! In the next few weeks I will also be officially registering for the Monumental Half Marathon again and even though that race isn't until the fall, my training will begin towards the end of the summer. And in addition to other races along the way (I will so definitely be attempting the Vines, Pines and Inclines trail run again!), my good friend (and name-twin) and I will be signing up for a sprint triathlon in August.

    I just got tired thinking about all of that.
  • Try a brand new food. I'm a pig, so this one will be easy. The hard part will be finding a food I've never eaten.
  • Go swimming. I know that sounds stupid because hey, find the nearest puddle or creek and splash around, right? Well, once I graduated from college and lost my care-free summers to the office grind, opportunities to swim are few and far between.
  • Pick up a new hobby that does not involve working out or food. This will be a tough one for me simply because my favorite things in life include running and eating (sometimes at the same time!), but I think it's important to keep expanding those horizons. I have not a clue what that hobby will be, but we shall see!
  • Stick to a core strength training routine that will flatten my stomach to the point that I feel comfortable enough to re-pierce my belly button.
  • Take a few days trips and plan a stay-cation.

    No pressure. Nothing major. Just fun and relaxation!
  • Go to the fair and gobble down a bag of cotton candy.
  • Write at least two chapters of the book I've brainstormed. This is majorly daunting, but if I say it out loud (on the internet, no less) then I will feel like a real loser if I don't actually follow through. Accountability, people!
  • Stay up until sunrise at least once. I'm turning into an old fart and I haven't tried to stay awake for an entire night since I was in middle school. I love sleep, but I love the silly, slap-happy conversations that occur in the wee hours of the morning even more.
I think that's a pretty good starting place. I'm probably add to this as the summer gets rolling, but I'm quite proud of all I hope to accomplish this summer.

What are some of your goals for the summer?