a Mother's Day weekend recap

What I did:
  • Friday night was kind of a blur. Since it was an Indy work day, I was sleepy and became more or less a bump on the log for the entire evening. After a quick cat nap, Clay and I made a run to Wal-mart to pick up baking supplies from Mother's Day, but then I parked my butt on the couch and didn’t move until it was time for bed. We watched Thirteen Ghosts and I consequently dreamt about THIS all night:

  • I'm starting to forget what it's like to have a weekend with nothing to do. Saturday we spent the entire day with some much-need spring cleaning and laundry. We didn’t even sleep in past 10:00 o’clock, but once we were done with the last of our chores, we were scratching our heads and wondering where the day went. Exhausted, we cleaned ourselves up and bee-lined back to Sweet Grass so I could gorge myself on the pimento mac n’ cheese I’d been lusting after since we went with Dan and Emily last Monday. And guess what? It was just as cheesy and amazing as I remembered it.

    We sat outside and it was dark, so it's not the best photo ever.
    But you get the idea! Cheese is my mistress!
  • On a positive note, I came to the conclusion that my shorter hair is much more manageable than my long, scraggily hair ever was. I did virtually nothing to it on Saturday night before Clay's and my dinner date, but it still looked better than it ever did when I used to battle my longer strands with a curling iron.

    Yeah, this is vain.

  • Sunday morning, Clay and I parted ways to visit our respective mothers and I spent the day up north with my mom and sister celebrating Mother’s Day. The three of us gals sat on my mom’s deck, drinking beer and enjoying the sunshine with our doggies. And I think I enjoyed the sunshine a little too much because I am positively fried today. The entire time I sat outside I kept saying, “It’s so beautiful out today. I’m glad I wore a tank top so I could get some sun on my shoulders!” But I didn’t really get sun on my shoulders so much as I got hot coals and burning embers on them. And I stupidly wore gray to work today which only seemed to emphasize how lobster red my arms and chest are. 

What I ran:
  • I decided to be impress Clayton with my rare ability to be thrifty and purchased a new pair of running shoes this past week from Kohl’s. I am probably about 500 miles overdue for new shoes, and I’m afraid my beloved Brooks only have a few more good runs in them before the bottoms completely wear away and I’m left with shin splints. Brooks stopped making their Defyance 4 model since coming out with the Defyance 5 earlier this year, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to make the commitment to buying such an expensive pair of shoes that I wasn’t even sure I would like. So I took a 30% off coupon to Kohl’s and ended up purchasing a pair of gray and lime green Asics Gel Blur 33. I’ve had less than stellar luck with Asics in the past (the toe box is never roomy enough), but these puppies felt amazingly roomy on my feet in the store! Plus, I was totally into the idea of the shoes being marked down to $60 PLUS an extra 30% (making the purchase total about $60 cheaper than my Brooks).

    Don't be deceived by how cute they are.

    I took my new shoes out for a test drive on Saturday for a 7-mile run and everything started out wonderfully. The shoes felt just as light, if not lighter, than my Brooks and I didn’t have any ankle pain like I did with the Asics I ran in about 2 years ago. I was optimistic.

    That is, I was optimistic until I started bleeding everywhere. I’m not sure what happened, but the back of the shoe rubbed on my ankle bone so much that the area became a chaffed, bleeding mess (although I am no stranger to chaffing). I powered through the pain (like a boss), but by the time I finished my run (7 miles in 57:51. An 8:16 min/mile pace! Woohoo!), I was limping. I had to take off my shoe just to walk the 30 feet to my car. Not to mention I developed a nice blister on the insides of both of my feet because the shoes are much more narrow than I’m used to.

    Fail. An epic fail.

    For all of you new runners out there, you totally get what you pay for in terms of running shoes. Let my bleeding, blistered feet be a lesson to you—quality running shoes are definitely worth the investment. I’m going to clean up the shoes as best as I can and take them straight back to the store.
  • Sunday I had an easy 3 mile recovery run, but since the back of my ankle was still an open wound from the previous day, I had to stop several times to readjust my Band-Aid. It ended up being a frustrating run simply because I couldn’t get my feet comfortable (despite the fact that I was wearing my Brooks).

What I baked/cooked:
  • I got my inner dessert chef ON this weekend! In honor of Mother’s Day, I tackled the task of making yummy treats for both the mammas in my life and let me tell you, I had a blast in the kitchen on Friday night testing out almond bark for the first time! Since my gas stove basically sucks and gets hotter than the dickens almost instantly, I inevitably burned the first few bars of white chocolate almond bark and had to discreetly wash the remnants down the drain. Feeling wiser, I opted to use the microwave the second time around and had instant success melting down the candied chocolate. I dipped several pretzel rods into the sugary goodness before laying them gently on wax paper to cool and coat with sprinkles. In less than a half hour I had two jars of chocolate-dipped pretzels to present to my mother-in-law and grandmother.

  • On Saturday afternoon I blocked out several hours of time to bake my mother’s absolute favorite dessert—banana nut cake with whipped cream frosting. Now, I’m a huge fan of bananas, nuts, and anything pertaining to the words “whipped cream”, but I’d never attempted to make any of these things on my own. I’ve made a few different kinds of homemade icing in my day, but nothing that is remotely comparable to the whipped cream frosting that I made this weekend. It is by far, the creamiest, lightest icing you could ever imagine and for being made mostly of whipping cream, it’s incredibly sturdy. Clay and I all but swam in the mixing bowl.


    Once the icing of the cake was completed, I added yellow sugar crystals and drew hearts with leftover frosting that I dyed pink. I was so happy to be able to make my mom’s favorite childhood dessert and she absolutely loved it!

    How was your weekend?


  1. That was a really good cake you made Mom! I hate my leftovers of it that night when I got home :o)

    1. OMG I totes didn't HATE my cake .. I ATE it! Like a boss ....


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