Gettin' crafty!

I'm in a crafty mood.

And no, I don't mean that I'm calculating and scheming. I mean crafty as in, "Let's glue glitter and fabric together and make doilies for our couches!"

I'm never in crafty mood, but thanks to new friends like Jacki at a whole lotta latte and my sister's adorable handmade cards, I'm starting to feel the need to put on my Martha Stewart hat and get creative, too!

Just yesterday my sister was telling me about the previous evening she spent at the kitchen table with her roommate, just two gals drinking wine and painting a recipe box. When she told me about her night of crafting, some kind of inner longing for scissors and hot glue guns broke through the surface of my heart. Too often Clay and I get wrapped up in our busy schedules, and by the end of the night it's all I can do to just sit on the couch and let drool run down the side of my face. I've put little effort into doing anything that doesn't involve work, running, softball, or house work, and I'm starting to see the consequence of having such a laser focus on only a few aspects of my life. Sure, I feel the most alive and free when I'm running, but I also feel that way when I'm baking. I clearly have other interests I need to peruse and the idea of sitting away from the TV, doing a craft project and finding a creative outlet sounds like a warm slice of heaven served up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

So, I did what any normal American woman would do and took to Pinterest for craft ideas.

I became overwhelmed quickly.

Pinterest is a DIY-lover's dream come true. I didn't even know where to begin. I just started pinning things that looked interesting, quickly filling up my "Craft Ideas" board more in 5 minutes than I did the entire 6 months I've had it.

I narrowed down my immediate craft projects to these 3:

This first project was actually sent to me by my sister, Ashley. It's a DIY marker board that will allow Clayton and I to write each other daily notes thanking the other person for something special they did or just saying an "I love you because ..." Isn't that adorable? I bought the supplies today on my lunch break, and I even found little flowers reminiscent of the ones in the picture.

This is a set of coasters made from scrapbooking paper on ceramic tiles. Naturally, I'll pick patterns that match my "earthy" theme at home and create a unique, fun set of coasters for the living room!


Finally, I have been on the hunt for a good key holder and just this week it occurred to me, "Why not make my own?" How easy does this look?

Are you working on any projects?


  1. OMG!! Thanks for the shout-out!! Being crafty is SOOOO much fun!! I can't wait to see what you create this weekend!!!

    Thanks again for the mention!!!

    PS - pinterest is totes addicting. i have a self-imposed exile for another 2 days before i am allowing myself to get sucked into its awesomeness.

  2. Hey thanks for the shout out! LOL I am quite proud of my cards. :o) Those coasters are so cute too! I may have to make some as well! How come you didn't put up the photo of the frame you made? It was awesome and you must share!


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