DIY marker board frame

I did it! I'm a crafter! Yesterday I was so excited to work on this project and have a memo board for Clay's and my nauseatingly sweet affirmations, I barely made it through the front door before I started opening my bag of goodies from the hobby store.

I went to Michael's on my lunch break and purchased the above items for the project. For a meager $20, my supplies included:
an 8x10 Frame: $7.99 (Yeah, 50% off sale!)
Flower ... things: $2.00 each
Scrapbook paper: $.59 per/sheet
(I bought 3 sheets of paper because I knew I'd probably screw up the text a few times before I got it right.)

The whole project took a total of 15 minutes because I'm quite awesome when it comes to handling a hot glue gun. Except for when I left a permanent burn scar on Clayton's forearm while making a Christmas wreath last year, my track record with this baby is perfect.

Ta-da! Clay's and my brand new marker board frame:

I couldn't wait to write my first appreciation note to Clayton!

Happy Friday! I hope you have an am-ah-zing weekend!


  1. I love this!!!!!! That frame is perfect, and I love the flowers!! Yay for being crafty!!!


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