Courtney running confessions

In honor of this weekend's 500 Festival Mini Marathon and the fact that I can't focus on much else, all of today's confessions are going to be running-related. How's that for creative?


Not very, I know.
  • Running has introduced me to yet another fear I didn't previously know that I hadgeese. Yeah, I'm a little put off by geese and now that I've started running in different areas around town, I'm encountering them far more often than I ever did on the trail. My knowledge of geese doesn't expand far past my dad's complaints about their propensity to poop on the sea wall in his backyard, so I never realized just how BIG and MENACING geese are until I almost plowed one over a few weeks ago in some random neighborhood. I never considered myself afraid of birds, but when that bird is the size of a pitbull and monopolizing an entire square of sidewalk space and bobbing its head like you just insulted its mama, it becomes a bit unsettling.
  • It should be no surprise to anyone that I'm deeply stubborn when it comes to running. I've forced myself outside to log a few miles even when I've had a severe head cold, injured knees and most recently, a healing tattoo. Sometimes I worry that my stubbornness will get the best of me one of these days (I gotta be careful!), but in the mean time, I take great pride in the fact that running is now so deeply engrained into my person that I have the ability to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Remember about 3 weeks ago when I was scheduled to run 12 miles, but a nasty thunderstorm had me scurrying for shelter? I ran 3 separate times that day and I didn't quit until I had all 12 of those miles accounted for. Stupid? Probably. Stubborn? Definitely. A little obsessive compulsive? Yes, ma'am!

  • I totally buy into the silly "unspoken rule" of racing that you never, ever wear the souvenir racing t-shirt to that race. It looks cheesy and ... inexperienced. Wear it for your next race. Wear it later in the day even, but don't make the rookie mistake of wearing it during the actual race for which it was designed!
  • When I run, all I think about is what I'm going to eat when I'm finished.
  • When I encounter other people during my runs, I instantly improve my form, straighten my posture and increase my speed until I'm confident I'm far enough past them to slow down and let my gut out again.
  • I think God got body parts mixed up when he put me together in the womb because I have the upper body of a very tall person and the lower body of a very, very short person. I'm extremely long-waisted and alarmingly short-legged. My short legs are also not the most slender set of gams on the block, and this usually translates into lots of chaffing during my long runs (overshare?). One of my race day staples is a bottle of baby powder that I have to slap on the insides of my thighs before I pull on my compression shorts. A more recent development in my running repertoire is a little chaffing along my bra line as well, but I found that rubbing a smidgen of Clayton's deodorant along the area has been the perfect solution (and why I looked at his deodorant in the medicine cabinet one day and thought, "I should rub that on my chest", I have no idea.)
  • I stare at my thighs all the time when I run, especially if I'm running uphill. As I said above, I don't have small thighsnever have, never willbut running has completely changed the tone of my legs and they look so different to me, I can't stop staring at them. It's vain, I know. But they're my thighs and I can oggle them if I want to. What the point of running if not for a little bit of self-esteem, eh?

Do you have any confessions you'd like to get off your chest?


  1. crap. i am scared of geese. it started when i lived in warsaw and my parents had geese in their backyard on goose lake. shocker. they were super mean and tar-pooped on everything. we took to throwing ice cubes at them (from the patio) so we could walk down to the dock.

    colorado geese are pretty chill. geese migrating in the spring/fall are pretty terrible. i was running along the trail near our apartment and one hissed at me. since then, i have always walked past geese calmly, NEVER making eye contact.

    i know it.

    also, i got through my second 13.1 knowing there were buffalo burgers (and a nap) waiting for me at the end.

  2. I follow the race shirt rule, too! I find it really weird when people wear it when they haven't even ran it yet. And I hate the geese near our neighborhood.


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