Courtney Confessions

  • First confession, I didn’t post last night because I finally found something that took precedence over my blog:

    Say hello to my little friend!

    I’ve been obsessively price checking and researching different GPS watches online for literally months, and there is no doubt that Garmin is certainly the best brand for runners. However, the specific watch I was eying is priced at $150 and I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on myself any time soon.

    So on Sunday evening, I found myself pursuing Craigslist and hoping that someone was trying to unload their Garmin watch for a reasonable price. I immediately spotted an ad that was originally posted over a week ago and that specific Garmin Forerunner 205 was listed at only $50. “No way,” I caught myself muttering in disbelief. I knew there was a snowflake’s chance in hell such a hot commodity was still available after 7 days (to runners, a cheap Garmin watch would last about as long as a cheetah-print linen sale in New Jersey), but I sent the seller and earnest email anyway, opening with “Hi, I know this is a shot in the dark, but …”

    The seller responded within an hour and just as I’d suspected, the watch was sold several days ago.

    Ah, well … I continued on with my life.

    But on Monday morning I got to work and found another email from that same seller that said,

    “Courtney, Good timing! The buyer I had was supposed to send me a money order, but it was a scam. I must have turned away a dozen people. Anyway, it is available if you want it. Let me know!”

    Shut the front door. REALLY? WHAT? WHO? WHEN? WHY!?

    I couldn’t compose my response fast enough. I think my email came out along the lines of, “OMG!#$! YES! WSHEN CAN IGET WATCH@ FROM YOU!? I DIRVE NOW?

    We made arrangements for the exchange, and last night I jumped in my car immediately after work and drove to Indy to make my wildest running dreams come true. The seller was the nicest guy possible and said he was happy to sell the watch to me instead of the other initial inquirers because I was so earnest about my running (i.e. “obnoxious”). Since the watch was only a few months old and worth every bit of its original price, I felt like I was totally robbing him and slipped him an extra $5 because I’m a big spender like that. But he insisted that he was happy to sell it cheap because he just wanted to get rid of it and start playing with his bigger, nicer watch.

    Yes, I WILL take your sloppy seconds, sir. Thank you.

    The seller is obviously a serious runner himself, and we spent a few minutes swapping stories about our recent experiences with the One America Indy 500 Festival Mini Marathon. Like me, the heat got the best of him and he said that by mile 3, he knew his PR was a fruitless pursuit.

    “Yeah,” he said, “I didn’t get time I wanted, so I had to settle for a finishing time of 1:34:02.”

    Hi. Um, what?

    Apparently he finished in the top 100 of the 37,000 racers.

    I didn’t bother reciprocating with my finishing time. I just looked at my shoes and changed the subject.

    But yeah, totally hoping some of his immortal running powers are still on the watch and will rub off on me.

    This morning I all but leaped out of bed when my alarm went off at 6:15 so I could lace up my sneakers, hit the trail, and test out my new baby. I’ve named my Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch “Speedy” (I feel so bad for our future children), and he is giving Mixie some seriously stiff competition for my affection right now.

    I was tempted to download White Snake’s “Is This Love” to listen to on our first run together, but I ultimately decided that was pushing it a little too far, even for me

Is this love that I'm feeling
Is this the love that I've been searching for
Is this love or am I dreaming
This must be love
Cuz it's really got a hold on me
A hold on me

  • It’s Clayton’s birthday today! That’s right, my Boobala is 26! I’ve been waiting patiently since October for us to be the same age again, and for the next 5 months he can no longer say call me old and decrepit.

    Clayton’s not really big into his birthday, but lucky for him, I AM! I love celebrating Clayton’s birthday almost as much as I love celebrating my own (almost), and I all but shook him awake this morning to shower him with 26 sloppy, morning-breath infused kisses on the cheek. I had Jimmy John’s surprise him at his desk with lunch, and in the next few minutes we’ll be heading out to dinner at Mr. Hibatchi with him and his family.

    I’m anxious to give him his birthday gift tonight, too. Clayton is impossible to shop for and always insists he doesn’t want anything and that he doesn’t expect presents. (To which I say “Boo!” Only stupid, miserable people don’t want presents.) So shopping for his birthday and Christmas becomes a huge ordeal for me and sometimes I just want to throttle him for not liking stilettos or purses, two things I can easily shop for.

    I think I love his birthday so much because it’s the one day I can express my love for him with uncharacteristically extravagant gestures. What the point of a husband if you can’t spoil him? Clayton doesn’t ask for anything EVER, and I happily celebrate his birthday and welcome the opportunity to do something for the man that does so much for me.

    Ha, I love this picture.
    Hey, handsome.  <3
    This is my most favorite photo of him. Love him smiling. Love him in a hat.

    A sexy man holding a puppy? Sorry, ladies. Pack up your vaginas and hit the road. He's taken.

  • Last confession (and this one’s a biggie) …

    …  I’m famous.

    Well, famous with B-movie actors, that is.

    I tweeted Monday’s weekend recap post and the actor who played the nerdy guy in Thankskilling somehow found it and messaged me. He said, and I quote, “You are amazing … I love giant squids, too."

    If you look up “winning” in the dictionary, there’s a giant picture of my face right next to it.

    And I’m posing like this:

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and most importantly: Happy Birthday to Clayton and his rugged, scruffy beard! :)


  1. Congratulations on your find! And I'm wondering if all guys don't give two cares about celebrating their birthday. I celebrate my birthday for a straight week. (I call it my birth-week. Clearly I thought about that name for quite some time.) But Kyle could let the day go by without a sliver of a piece of birthday cake. I can't fathom that so I play it up big. Anyways, I've nearly written a book in your comments. Sorry. Hope his (and your) day was great!

  2. Great find and you will become even more obsessed with running now that you have it :) I am similar to Clayton in that I don't make a big deal of my birthday. Then again, my first child was born on my birthday so I'm generally an afterthought anyhow. I'm happy with a long run, nice dinner, and a few beers.

    Kick up the feet and enjoy!


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