You threw off my groove!

I came home from work last night and found an intriguing parcel on the kitchen table with my name on it. I love getting mail ... almost as much as I like shopping online.

What was in the package, you ask?

And you'd be right to say this is the most flattering photo of me ever.

Only the best Disney movie ever!

I watched The Emperor's New Groove fanatically with my Dad and step-siblings back in the day, and I sadly hadn't seen it since my freshman year of high school. It's probably the most quotable Disney movie in existence, and I'm mad at myself for almost completely forgetting about it after all these years. I'm not sure what triggered me to start thinking about llamas recently, but it sent me on a warpath trying to find a copy of the DVD. Since not a single video rental store in town carries it, I had to take matters into my own hands and turn to ebay for help. I got into a rather nasty bidding war with some random Joe Schmo, but my persistence and quick clicking finger prevailed and yesterday afternoon a forgotten piece of my childhood showed up on my doorstep.

After thoroughly celebrating the arrival of my movie (which Clay later watched with me and agreed was absolutely hilarious), I took to the treadmill to run a measly 4 miles that, when compared to the awesomeness of yesterday's Boston Marathon, seemed downright pitiful. But hey, I'm not making a living out of running (thank goodness because I would die penniless) and racing to win $150,000 isn't in my foreseeable future. I have aspirations of running a full marathon before I'm 30, but I know for a fact that no amount of training or acts of God will ever give me the ability to run 5 minute miles.

After sweating it out and recovering with a glass of water infused with deer antler velvet powder (I kid you not. It has proven health benefits. Clay bought some this weekend and even though it makes your water look like sludge, velvet deer powder helps repair your body after a tough workout), I plugged in my new food processor and got to work on a batch of homemade hummus.

Making hummus is a breeze! Even if you don't have a food processor, a blender will work just fine. And if your chick peas are soft enough, good ol'-fashioned elbow grease will get the job done, too! (Just mash and stir aggressively.)

What you need:
  • 1 can of chick peas
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 tbs of Tahini (sesame seed paste)
  • 1 tsp of chopped garlic (I used minced garlic because that's all we had)

1.) Drain the can of chick peas, but save the juice.
2.) Add all of the chick peas, Tahini, lemon juice, and garlic to your food processor.
3.) Blend ingredients until well mixed, adding the leftover chick pea juice until hummus achieves desired consistency.
4.) Salt to taste.

Yeah, that kind of looks like vomit.

I was too cheap to buy pita bread, so tortilla chips have had to suffice.

Ta-da! Easy peasy! And I like my hummus with a little kick, so I added a generous sprinkling of chili powder and pepper. The end result was almost an exact replica of the hummus I order at my favorite Greek restaurant, so I was pleased! However, I did notice that the consistency improved and the chili spice came through even stronger after leaving it in the refrigerator over night. I think next time I make this (and there will be a next time), I'll use a little less chick pea juice and keep the hummus slightly thicker.

I devoured the rest of the hummus at lunch today, and it was a delicious alternative to the salad dressing I normally use as carrot and celery dip.

I'm looking for other great veggie dip recipes, so if you have one—please share it!


  1. oh man i love emperor's new groove! you can watch it a million times and it still stays hilarious! i own both that movie and kronk's new groove! it's not as good as emperor's new groove but definitely worth a watch!

  2. I mix greek yogurt with dijon mustard, dill, and s&p for my veggie dip! It's awesome!

  3. Yzma, put your hands in the air!


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