Wrath of the Irish

Normally my Tuesday evenings are dull and consist of nothing more than a cross-training work out and watching TV all night (Glee comes back next week! Eeeeee!), but last night was a lovely change of pace when my mom came to town for dinner and to see the much anticipated Wrath of the Titans.

Before going to the movie, we went to a little bar downtown called the Irish Lion and while I've been there on occasion for drinks, I've never actually had their food. But we wanted to try something other than our usual Mother-Daughter Thai Outings, and thought Irish cuisine sounded delicious.

Clay and I shared a bowl of Celtic Stew that was so thick and creamy, it took on the consistency of gravy (and I can't tell you a single thing I don't like about gravy). We dunked large pieces of soda bread into the soup and it even though it was about 80 degrees outside and I was sweating, I welcomed the warm, satisfied feeling in my tummy.

Despite being an inherently French dish, my mom ordered a plate of escargot for her appetizer (don't worry, she totally Irished-out on corned beef and cabbage for her dinner). While the idea of eating a snail totally grosses me out and puts my digestive system in need of an anti-depressant, if you sauté anything in enough butter, it's totally edible.

Don't be alarmed by how beautiful my mother is. I mean, come on, you've seen ME. You had to have known she was a knock-out, too. That my friends, is what we like to call "simple mathematics".

I let myself off of my strict "I don't order anything that's greasy, breaded or not a salad" diet for the night and indulged in a plate of fish and chips. I kind of internally berated myself  for ordering such a fatty meal, but this dinner was the closest I'm going to get to Ireland for a loooooooong time, so I wanted to get into the Irish pub spirit the best I could. And it was worth every stinkin' calorie.

I had two glasses of this beer with my dinner (fitting into your pants is overrated). I don't remember what it was called, but it was some kind of wheat ale with a verrrrrry German name. I know that because when I tried to pronounce it to the waitress, I spit on myself. And a general rule of beer drinking: If you spittle on yourself or the person next to you while trying to order it, it's probably a really good beer.

After gorging ourselves on Irish food without having a single drop of actual Irish heritage in us, we headed to the movie theater. The only thing that was going to make me happier than seeing Wrath of the Titans in 3D was seeing Wrath of the Titans in 3D with a buzz. Woot! Woot!

Hate on Clash of the Titans, the first installment, all you wantI don't care. If you say the dialogue was lousy or the plot development was off the mark and inconsistent, you're probably right (and who decided that everyone in old movies, regardless of where it takes place or what time period it's supposed to be, has to have slightly British accents?), but again, I don't care. You can't argue that the special effects alone make everything else in that movie more than tolerable. Sure, I've openly criticized how much a letdown the Kracken's screen-time was, but I still loved the movie. Liam Neeson is my hero.

(P.S. I totally geeked out when the played the movie trailer for The Hobbit. Can't wait! December 2012!)

And Wrath of the Titans didn't disappointment me either. Reviews were less than favorable and the film was described as "stale" and "full of daddy issues". Well call me crazy, but stale daddy issues seem to be my cup of tea because I loved it!

When Hades had successfully drained enough of Zeus' power to awaken Kronos (their father), I started tapping Clayton's thigh like a nervous toddler because it was all I could do to keep from standing up in the middle of the dark theater and shouting, "BRING IT ON!" in my I-just-beat-you-unbelievably-bad-in-Mario-Kart voice.

And like I said, I love me some Liam Neeson. I love light-saber-wielding Liam Neeson, traveling-across-the-ocean-to-rescue-his-daughter-from-foreigners Liam Neeson, and I especially love Zeus-ruler-of-Olympus Liam Neeson. I secretly hold out hope that God really looks like Liam Neeson in Wrath of the Titans ... which I guess would be kind of like Gandalf the Gray, but without the hat and staff.


My mom and I with our stunna shades.
My mom and I agreed that situations like "banishing your brother to rule the underworld" are the kinds of things that only men would do. My sister and I would never fight to the death over immortal powers, nor would we plot to kill our mother. We'd just handle our problems like women and bitch behind each others' backs.

But all in all, I can only mark down Tuesday, April 3rd as a complete, beer-soaked success.


  1. You have no idea how excited I am about "The Hobbit". I'm a freak about LOTR, so the fact that "The Hobbit" will now be a crazyawesome feature film, I CANNOT wait.

    Next up: "The Hunger Games". Get your behind to the theater and see it, especially since you've finished the book!!!!!


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