Courtney confessions ...

  • I kind of want to see that Steven Spielberg movie, War Horse, but I'm patiently waiting for one of my friends or family members to see it first so they can tell me how it ends. I absolutely refuse to see any movie that stars an animal if that animal dies in the film. (see also: Reasons why I will never watch Old Yeller, will never again watch Where the Red Fern Grows, and why I continue to hold my breath until Chance and Shadow are reunited with Sassy in Homeward Bound.)
  • As you probably assumed from yesterday's post, Clay's and my chocolate mousse cookie soup has already been pretty much obliterated. Let's just say, junk food does not last long in our house. And Clay and I are both very sneaky when it comes to picking at our stashes of chocolate, cookies, cake, and other yummy things. We'll both take turns stealing little piecesClay attacks after I go to bed and I like to pig out when I'm home alone at lunchand then later accuse the other person of eating all of it. Sadly, junk food is the only kind of food we fight over this passionately. You'll never, ever catch one us storming into the room, hands on hips, and asking, "Did you eat the rest of the carrots!?"

One my most favorite pictures ever. I think this is from 2006.
We were at the zoo in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and these are our, "OMG! We just saw orangutans!" faces.

  • A friend and I recently admitted to each other that sometimes we pretend to know what other people are talking about, even if we have no clue what they're actually saying. I don't know if it has something to do with my ego, but sometimes I just feel like it's easier to nod my head and act like I'm following along rather than admit that I'm completely dumb. I can always Google it later. "Yes, I absolutely understand what mean about the Russian government. Totally lame! ... Oh, what do I find lame about it specifically? Um ... why don't you tell me what you don't like about it first because I bet we totally agree."
  • Several months back a friend mentioned that the narrative voice in my blog doesn't seem to match my actual personality. I had to laugh when I heard that, mostly because the narrative voice of this blog IS me, down to the very last obsessively weird detail. Whether it seems like it or not, what you read is what you get with me. There are just very, very few people I'm this open with in my actual life (and when I say very, very few I literally mean like, 3 people). Due to varying levels of insecurity, I'm not entirely candid with most people I speak with face to face. But yup, this is me.100%. Just ask my hubby.
  • The other day I attempted to put on eyeliner and while I was applying said eyeliner, I realize I suck at putting on eyeliner. 
  • I wish we could all have just one day in our lives (or heck, even just one hour) when we could tell people we have grievances with exactly what we think of them and their behavior without any kind of negative repercussions (and they're not allowed to talk back so they can't reciprocate with everything they don't like about us.). It's not really the best way to keep friends or the Christian way to express anger, but my goodness! I would sleep a bit more peacefully at night. 
  • I secretly get a little pissed if nobody likes my status updates on Facebook. Everything that comes out of this mouth or is typed from these fingers are little gems of wisdom and ferocious wit, and they should be treated as such.


Do you have anything to confess?