Things I Love Thursday: I'm-in-a-good-mood edition

It’s back! (I know, I can’t believe it either. Will it last? No, definitely not.)

Blame it on the emergence of spring if you want, but I am in an exceptionally “I love everything” kind of mood today (or it could be remnants of the Diet Red Bull I pounded this morning). It’s a nice development for me, especially when you consider that my usual outlook on life is “I hate everyone but my dog”.

Let’s not waste time with pleasantries. Getting down to business:

Being at Home

The other day my sister told me that Clayton and I were social butterflies. While I totally appreciate the sentiment and think that Clay and I bare a much closer resemblance to social garden slugs, I would probably categorize myself as a homebody first. Yes, we have several super neato couples that we enjoy hanging out with on the weekends and there are few things I like more than meeting one of my girlfriends for lunch, but I think I’d be a hobbit if it were socially acceptable, honestly. When Clay and I got married, I promised myself that I would create a cozy home for us and I think I might have succeeded at that task a little too much. We don’t live in the fanciest townhouse in all the land and we certainly don’t have tons of expensive doodads or fancy décor, but my goodness, I love our home. It’s relaxing and comfortable. So much so, that sometimes I have a hard time leaving it. I love spending time with our friends and always look forward to our next social engagement, but there’s just something to be said for a lazy Friday night on the couch snuggled up with my husband and a movie.

The new candles and fragrance aisle at Target

We’ve previously established on this blog that candles are like crack to women and that Yankee Candle is the best drug dealer of them all, but have you been to your local Target lately? I don’t know if it’s just the one in my city, but they have totally revamped their candle and fragrance aisle. Clay and I all but obliterated our old set of pots and pans (everything we do is aggressive) and when we stepped into Target this week to replace them, I took a 20 minute detour in the candle aisle. I fell victim to their scented siren song and colorful display of jars and tins, leaving my husband no choice but to practically drag me out of there by my pony tail.

Softball Season

April is just around the corner and not only does that mean a torrential down pouring of rain, it means softball! I unearthed my softball cleats earlier this week (they were practically glued to the bottom of a box with all the mud and dirt I acquired last summer) and felt giddy with anticipation of the upcoming season. Catching a softball and swinging a bat are some of the most familiar feelings in the whole world.
Joseph Joseph

Remember me talking about crack earlier? (I promise, I don’t talk about drugs all the time even though judging by today’s post, you probably assume I do.) Well, have you ever seen a Joseph Joseph kitchen product? Joseph Joseph is a design company that specializes in funky, brightly colored kitchen items that are as practical as they are adorable. My sister introduced me to their awesomeness a year or so ago, and they are now forever bookmarked as one of my favorite websites. In fact, I love them so much, we are slowly but surely becoming Twitter BFFs and it’s only a matter of time before they ask me to fly out to the UK and work for them. When I casually mentioned that my dog’s name is Joseph, they asked for a picture of him and told me I should get a second beagle and name him Joseph, too! DO YOU GET IT!? *Squeal!*

Other Active People

With the warmer temperatures becoming a daily occurrence (yay!), my city is bustling with outside activity. My past several runs on the trail have been littered with other runners, walkers and bike riders, calling for lots of darting, dodging and exclamations of “Coming up on your left!” But a more congested trail doesn’t bother me in a slightest; I’m just delighted to be surrounded by other Hoosiers who are as dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle as I am. In fact, after I sprinted 3.14 miles last night (in honor of Pi Day!...even though it would been easier to just eat pie), I took Joey for a few laps around our neighborhood and ran into another girl walking her dog who was wearing a gray t-shirt saturated with sweat, too. She might have just been really gross, but I assumed she had just finished a workout as well, so I smiled at her as I passed. I was two seconds away from lifting my fist into the air and shouting, “Solidarity, sista!” because I think I heard that in a Monty Python movie once … but then I decided not to.

What are some things you love today?


  1. Thanks for asking. Today I love the fact that I just noticed I'm wearing gray pants, a gray sweatshirt, and socks. I think I'll go find a gray hat to complete the ensemble.

  2. Cute! I'm glad you featured one of the Joseph Joseph things I own!

    Today I love my coworkers -- some of them anyway. I haven't laughed that much in a long time


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