A springy weekend recap

I'm sure it's too early to announce the official beginning of spring because knowing the Midwest, we'll most likely getting slammed with a blizzard before April rolls in, but still, it was gorgeous this weekend and I'm clinging to the desperate hope that these warmer temperatures are going to linger. This weekend was so lovely and lackadaisical, Clay and I made it a point to nap twice and almost couldn't fall asleep because we were so excited to be dozing with the windows open and the sound of children playing outside off in the distance.

We have spring fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!

Plus, on top of everything else, it rained today. And it wasn't a nasty winter kind of rain that falls sideways and becomes halfway frozen before it hits you in the eyeball. Nope, it was a lulling, quiet ran that fell silently on our roof from a nap-inducing gray sky. In fact, I didn't even realize it was raining until I stepped out the door as I left for work. It caught me off guard and was a welcome surprise on a warm Monday morning.

Sorry, I'm gushing, but I totally love spring. As much as I love to lay out in the sun and catch rays on a brilliantly sunny day, there's something to be said for a dreary, rainy day as well. I mean, who doesn't love falling asleep in the middle of a Sunday afternoon to the sound of thunder rolling outside your open window? (Unless of course said thunderstorm is extra lightning-y and taking place in the middle of the night while I'm home alone. If that's the case, you can usually find me curled up on the floor next to Joey's pillow muttering about the conditions being favorable for a giant squid to survive on land.)

Joebizzles worn out after frolicking in the field behind our house.
He loves spring, too!

But keeping up with the tone of the weather, I had a stupendous weekend. Even though I see him daily, I was craving lots of R&R with my hubby and was attached to him like stink on a pig. That's a gross way of putting it. I don't smell (much). I suppose a cuter analogy would be to say that this weekend I was on him like a koala on a eucalyptus branch (I am rather fuzzy and I climb trees like a champ!).

We had a pretty lazy Friday evening because we both came to the agreement that we're both worthless on Friday nights. While walking around Target around 9 pm looking for a new baking mat (we walk on the wild side), I kept pressing Clayton about what he wanted me to make for dinner. It was almost 9 o'clock, we were both starving, and yet we continued to dance our silly little dance because neither of us wanted to cave in and admit what we knew we were going to do all along.

I asked Clayton, "Do you want me to make breakfast foods for dinner?"

"If you want," he replied, completely noncommittal.

Growing frustrated, I pressed, "What about grilled chicken and veggies?"

He sighed in response.

"Fine," I said, breaking down. "Just say it. Just say what you want."

"No, you say it."

 I crossed my arms as I walked into the kitchen aisle. "Nope, won't do it."

"That's quite alright because I can do this allllllll night," he said, admiring a spatula.

"DANGIT!" I said moments later, defeated. "FINE! I concede! I'll say it," I sighed, rubbing my temples in annoyance. "Where do you want to go out to eat?"

Clay looked at me, deadpanned. "Gosh, Courtney. Why are you so lazy that you can't cook me dinner?"

After I shoved him into the display of toasters, we both decided we had a wicked craving for comfort food. So less than 15 minutes later we found ourselves sitting in a corner booth at Bob Evans. I ordered a giant stack of French toast (healthy French toast, mind you. It was whole wheat bread dipped in egg whites with no sugar added syrup and blueberries sprinkled on top.), and Clay ordered what can only be described as every delicious Thanksgiving food buried in a mountain of mashed potatoes and smothered with gravy. I felt my cholesterol skyrocket just looking at it. We high-fived over our food and concluded that going to Bob Evan's was one of the better life decisions we've ever made.

Saturday afternoon the temperatures hovered in the upper 50s and the trail was calling to me. Rather than run the same stretch of pavement I typically do in an effort to be able to be a safe distance away from my car at all times, I asked Clayton todrop me off at one part of the trail and then pick me up wherever I ended up at the completion of my 7 mile run. One of the best things about the city we live in is that it caters to health-conscious individuals who like to get outside and exercise their bodies. Over the past year or so, the city has worked to expand the trail I typically run on and connect it to newer stretches of pavement and wooded area that extends all the way into the heart of downtown. It's quite awesome, actually. I've never measured the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure it's at least 5 miles in length.

I grabbed my super sexy runner's fanny pack so I could carry my cell phone, started my GPS app, and was ready to go! I'm not sure if I was experiencing an endorphin high or was just extremely excited about being able to explore the trail on a warm day, but I ran the best outside 7-miler of my short running career. It felt amazing, like I could run forever. I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying training for my upcoming May mini ... Seriously, if you've never given running a try, you're totally missing out. There was something so natural, so primal, about running on the dirt trails surrounded by trees. I felt like I should have been holding a spear and chasing a buffalo for my village or something.

Me, forever the optimistic before a long training run.

Later that night we met our buddies, Justin and Jamie, for dinner at our favorite Chinese buffet. I had just burned a zillion calories running all afternoon, so I had no qualms about getting a second and third helping of food. Buffets are a personal challenge I am always ready and willing to take. But in addition to gorging myself with sushi rolls, it was nice to share their company and catch up.

Sunday morning heaven!
Lately I've been feeling convicted to fulfill my housekeeping duties more diligently, so on Sunday morning I woke up before Clayton and got some cleaning done while Joey followed me from room to room and watched (and he totally didn't help at all. Worthless.). Wanting to recreate the phenomenal dining experience I had on Friday, I finally lured Clayton out of bed with a plate of French toast with sliced bananas and powered sugar on top. He refused to wake up, but when I told him what was waiting for him downstairs, a groggy smile spread across his face as he stretched out on the mattress. It was one of those, "You had my at 'powdered sugar'" kind of moments and all the affirmation I would ever need to know that we were meant for each other.

We also overreacted to the Daylight Saving Time change and spent the better part of the day complaining about how tired we were after losing one measly hour in the switch (we could really put "whining" as a special skill on our respective resumes). So needless to say, our drowsiness led us to another phenomenal afternoon nap with the windows open and afterwards I had a glorious recovery run outside while the sun set.

Mixie and I also spent some quality time together this weekend. She helped me bake a batch of 3 or 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies while I simultaneously prepared the crock pot for our Sunday dinner. She's a good girl, that mixer. After cleaning up the kitchen, I gave her an extra deep cleaning and her stainless steel bowl is shinier than ever. And as I toweled her off, I gave her compliments and positive affirmations so that she grows up to be a strong, independent mixer capable of achieving amazing things. Sorry ... I have issues.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. That conversation about dinner you had with Clay sounds exactly like the conversations I have with Nic about dinner.

    Something like this:
    "What do you want for dinner?"

    "I don't know, whatever you want"

    "I don't care, what to you want"

    ...and so on, and so on.

    1. Exactly! We both know we want to go out to eat, but neither of us want to admit because we feel like we should be cooking meals at home. ha ha

  2. Good to know I'm not the only one with a worthless pet -- my cat watches me clean, and then dozes right through the Murphy's Oil application to the hardwood floors. The least she could do is bring the bucket from room to room. She really needs to start earning her keep around here, for crying outloud.

    1. Right? I keep telling Joey, "You need to get a job." But then he just looks at me with those big brown eyes and I'm finally like, "Fine. We'll cover your half of the rent AGAIN this month. But this is the LAST time." (FYI: It's never the last time.)

    2. OMG for serious. Pets. We're not the owners....they own us.



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