So many feelings, and it's only Wednesday

Oh my gosh, I have so many feelings today. Ron Burgundy better make some room because I am definitely swimming in a glass case of emotion.

I'm with ya, Ron.

Unless you’re living under a rock or refuse to embrace this big ol’ thing called the “internet”, you’re painfully aware that Jim Irsay officially released Peyton Manning from the Indianapolis Colts yesterday. I don’t know how to handle my feelings in a healthy way that doesn’t involve whiskey or exorbitant amounts of cake, so I left my sick bed for a few moments last night to blog about my heartbreak and admit to the entire blog-o-sphere that I am so ridiculously sensitive that even football can trigger an overly emotional reaction.

And in an attempt to rub just a little bit more salt into the wound, today ESPN aired a press conference with Peyton and Jim to make the official statement and answer immediate questions from the press. I had every intention of avoiding said press conference like a case of herpes, but thanks to being married to a man who lives and breathes sports, ESPN was already flipped on the TV when I came home for lunch this afternoon. I sat down with my plate of celery and peanut butter just in time to witness a tearful Peyton Manning tell his Indianapolis fans “thank you” and that he loved being our quarterback.

I about died. D-I-E-D. 

Shoving celery into my face in a desperate attempt to eat my sadness, I felt tears well up in my own eyes. I looked around the room to lock eyes with Joey, who was laying on our recliner and judging me, and cried around a mouthful of peanut butter, “WHY!?”

And, being the amazing, amazing man he is, Peyton even made it a point to remind everyone that the devastating tornado damage in Southern Indiana was far more important and urgent than what was transpiring with his NFL career.

A piece of celery fell out of my mouth as I wailed to the Peyton Manning bobble head we have sitting on a shelf, “YOU ARE A SAINT, SIR! A SAINT! Please don't play for the Saints.”

“I’ll always be a Colt; that will never change,” Peyton said towards the end of his speech.

Darn right you will. 

So pair Peyton Manning leaving the Colts with the gorgeous spring-like weather we’re experiencing and I feel like a bipolar loser. I want to cry and dress in all black while I mourn, but at the same time I also want to frolic in the field behind our apartment wearing a bumble bee costume with a tutu because it finally feels like spring (if you get that music reference, I'll give you ten hypothetical dollars). There’s just too much to process, too much going on right now. I feel over-stimulated, like I need to lie down in a quiet room underneath a soft-textured blanket and sip on a juice box.

Also, I just watched the extended movie trailer for Wrath of the Titans (which you know I will be front and center for on opening night), and I started feeling a weird sense of “What does it all mean?” because there are so many movies coming out that question relationships between good and evil, deities and mortals, and it’s abundantly clear our society is on a downward spiral of fear and uncertainly. 

Not to mention Snookie’s going to spawn.

Are we sure the world isn’t ending this year?


  1. Blind Melon - No Rain

    I win ten hypothetical dollars! :D

    Also now I'm watching the video...

    1. Ha! I will be sure to write you a hypothetical check next time I see you!

  2. Thank God I'm not the only one who is absurdly angry over this decision, and in a completely bipolar funk. I swear we were meant to be best Facebook friends :D

    1. Right? And it's not something I can sit and whine about all day because people are going to eventually tell me to shut up and get over it because it's just football. And I CAN'T just get over it ... Because that would be too logical and easy.


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