Pop! Goes pop culture

I'm an adorable drunk.

The following sentence is the truest, most authentic statement I’ve made since the first time I declared, “If the wine’s gone, I’m leaving” at a party:

“If Kelly Clarkson and I were friends, I would totally be the Amy Farrah Fowler to her Penny.”

Oh, Courtney, your creepiness knows no bounds.

But ya know, this whole "I'm going to jump if you don't retweet me, Ms. Clarkson" thing kind of got me thinking about how fame-oriented we are as a society. I'm not entirely sure how we manage to develop delusional visions of comradery with celebrities, but it’s becoming a growing epidemic thanks to social media platforms like Twitter and the immediately accessible gossip online. I think we assume that since we know all of their music (or movies or books, depending on who you’re stalking) and have read every interview in every magazine, we actually know who they are as people. It creates a false sense of entitlement too, almost like they “owe” us all the personal, gritty details of their lives or like we deserve their friendship and retweets in return. I shudder to think of the loose cannon I would be had Twitter and Facebook been around when I was 13 years-old and insanely convinced I was going to marry Nick Carter. 

Our culture is more obsessed with celebrities than ever before and sadly, it doesn’t seem like a trend that’s going to be fading any time soon. I’m embarrassed to admit that I know more about The Real Housewives than I do about any of the Republican candidates or the current situation in Iran. That’s a shameful confession to make, but at least I know I’m ignorant. I follow far more musicians, actors and comedians on Twitter than I do public officials, news outlets (real news, not fake news like E!), or humanitarians. Why is that, I wonder? Is it because it’s more fun? Is it because I subconsciously value movie stars over "regular" people? Or is it simply an act of escapism from the tragedy of what’s going on in “the real world”? (No TV pun intended. Although, given the topic of this post, it’s hilarious)

Would I be more excited about Kelly Clarkson tweeting me back or Barack Obama? (Oh dear goodness, I can’t even imagine what Mr. President would ever have to say to me other than, “No, I’ve never counted how many pairs of shoes Michelle has. Stop asking.”) 

It’s pretty sobering (as well as incredibly humiliating) to admit that I’m the type of American I can’t stand.

Would this be the appropriate time to say I’m the 1%? Or wait, since I’m with the majority of people in this situation, would I be the 99%? See, I’m clearly not hip with the whole Occupy Wallstreet movement. 

Last night I forced myself to read two "real world" news articles for every article I read on a gossip website. Never mind that one my two "real world" articles was about sloths wearing onesies, but still. It's a respectable effort on my part.

I think I need to go on a pop culture detox.


  1. OMG Sloths in onesies!!!! Shoot that can't be all I took away from this blog can it? LOL great post as always!

  2. Everyday I promise myself I will atleast skim the headlines on msnbc.com before I go on and check perezhilton and msn's Wonderwall for my celebrity gossip. You are not alone.

    1. I think the only thing that makes me feel better is KNOWING I'm not alone.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. 'Our culture is more obsessed with celebrities than ever before and sadly, it doesn’t seem like a trend that’s going to be fading any time soon.'

    This is so true.. after reading this I can only think of all those teenage girls that love Justin Bieber and even threaten to kill Selena because she's dating him.. Oh dear oh dear, it was never like that when I was 13!

    I think we all like to feel important, especially when it involves a celebrity acknowledging we exist.

    And sloths in onesies? I must google this right now, LOL :P

    1. If you google "sloths in onesies" you will NOT be disappointed, I promise!

      I was jealous when the Backstreet Boys got girlfiends, NEVER homicidal. I swear, kids today are angrier and weirder than ever.

      Thanks for the comment! :)


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