A Notably Neurotic tradition: the weekend recap

Since writing whole, legible paragraphs is time-consuming and vastly overrated, I've decided to condense my typical weekend recap posts by adopting the bullet point, I'm-too-lazy-to-form-complete-thoughts format.

The weekend of March 24th

What I did:
  • Right after work on Friday afternoon I was trying to take a nap like a lady, but freakin' tornado sirens kept going off every five minutes. Starting to get irritated, I sat up in bed and looked out the window, seeing nothing but blue skies and fluffy white clouds. I jabbed Clayton in the ribs because the man could sleep through the Apocalypse and started whining about how I couldn't sleep because someone downtown was getting sassy with the tornado button. That's when angry, dark clouds rolled in almost instantly and we got the biggest torrential downpour of hail that I'd ever seen in my life. After the storms had passed and I was convinced I'd live to see another day, our backyard looked like it snowed. 

Please don't be distracted by Clayton's sexy man hands.

  • Friday night we got together with some friends and watched IU unfortunately lose to Kentucky in their Sweet Sixteen match-up. Even though we lost the game, I still got far more entertainment than I bargained for when I witnessed Joey mount my friend's child for a brief moment. I'm still not sure what proper social ettiquette is required for a situation like that other than saying, "I'm sorry my dog is trying to hump your baby."
  • Clay and I took a trip to one of our local greenhouses and bought a few items to get our summer gardening started. Our apartment complex allows us to landscape our patio areas within reason and after some weeding and cleaning, our yard will be ready for the various potted plants I'm going to buy (and inevitably kill). In the meantime, I got a few small pots of herbs started in our window sill.
I wrote directly onto the pots with a white paint marker.

  • After church on Sunday I went on a complete cleaning frenzy and scoured both our master bathroom and the kitchen (I didn't know our bathtub was actual white!). I worked furiously for a few hours and then stopped for a quick break on the couch with a glass of ice water. Surfing the channels, I caught the last 5 minutes of The Lion King and decided I owed it to the kid in me to stop and watch. As I just said, there were only 5 minutes left in the movie and I sobbed for 3 of those minutes. That cartoon lion cuts to the core of me. Thank goodness Clayton was at the laundromat or else he would've had to witness his wife crying into a throw pillow and mumbling "The circle of life CONTINUED ... it continued".
  • Late on Sunday night we took Joey for a walk on campus to give him the opportunity to sniff around in unfamiliar territory. While walking down the sidewalk outside of the student union, Clayton offered to show me the building where he works. Since it was almost 10 o'clock at night and pitch black outside, I couldn't see where I was going and when I started walking toward the window by his office, I walked right into a puddle of mud and sank up to my ankle. (Nice one, Courtney.) After a failed attempt to rinse off my foot with the remainder of water I had in my water bottle, Clay tried the door to his office building and realized it was unlocked (ever the trusting university, IU). I excused myself to the restroom and plopped my foot right in the sink so I could wash off the remainder of mud and stench that was caked all over my skin. Needless to say, after I finished "bathing", the pristine white sink was now anything but, and I told Clayton to report to me ASAP if any of the women in his office complained on Monday morning about the bathroom looking like someone or something died in it. Walking back to the car I remembered a conversation we had earlier in the week when Clayton, tired of my silly shenanigans, burst out, "I just wish I had a wife I could be proud of!" I don't think washing my feet in his boss' sink helps my case.

What I ran:
  • Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to get in my 9 mile run before I became consumed with our busy afternoon of errands. I was keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that this run would prove to be much better than last week's hot and sticky 8 miler, but I didn't have to worry about it long. Only 3 miles into Saturday's run, I felt strangely confident that this was going to be one of my best training runs ever--and I was right! Thanks to a brisk 60 degree temperature and my success at making sure I was thoroughly hydrated the entire week prior, I owned all 9 of those miles (or, as I told Clayton a little less delicately, I made all 9 of those miles my bitches). It was my fastest training PR to date for that distance and I finished the run in 1:13:50 (which roughly translates to a 8:12 minute per mile pace). I was more than pleased. In fact, I felt so strong and energetic that I'm sure I could have kept up that pace for an additional 4 miles. So God, if You could find it in Your heart to keep the temperatures hovering right around 60 or 65  degrees and partly cloudy on race day, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • Sunday I had a relaxing recovery run on our treadmill since the sun had long since set by the time I got around to my workout. I was a little sweatier and more red in the face than I would have liked, but I'm going to blame it on the fact that for three hours prior to running, I was standing in front of a hot oven baking cupcakes. I'm very prideful when it comes to my running, so Sunday's recovering runs are pretty difficult for me. I stubbornly have a very hard time forcing myself to run at a slower pace, but I know that the easier I take it on these days, the better prepared I am to continue training.

What I baked:
  •  My favorite cookies on the planet are chocolate no-bakes and even after having my mother-in-law show me exactly how to make them many moons ago, I have yet to get the boiling of the ingredients correct and usually end up with runny dough that we have to eat with a spoon (not like I have any objection to that. Yummy cookies still get to my tummy regardless of transportation method). So I don't know if the tornadoes blew luck in my favor or if the stars were correctly aligned, but on Friday night I finally got my chocolate no-bakes to turn out properly. And I celebrated accordingly ... by eating them.
  • In honor of a co-worker's birthday, I offered to make a batch of cupcakes for the entire department today. Feeling a little ambitious, I used food coloring to dye the batter and created multi-colored treats. Half of the cupcakes were yellow and pink with purple frosting, and the rest were pink and yellow with purple frosting. They looked so springy and festive, it was almost stupid.

Half purple, half yellow

The finished product! Pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm SO glad you had a great run; I did as well. Looks like we're out of our slumps? It sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

    PS, share the cookie recipe!

  2. Glad to hear you had a good run! I, on the other hand, have been trying to find the motivation to get out there, and have yet to find it. Tonight I was completely exhausted (thank you, insomnia, for remaining parked outside my house), so that was out. Crafting took over instead. I hope to get back in the saddle tomorrow after work!

    Those cupcakes look sinful!!


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