Hoo-Hoo-Hoo Hoosiers!

As most of you who regularly read this blog know, I'm an Indiana University Alumni who just happens to still be living in Indiana (Why? Because Indiana is awesome. I don't intend to live here forever, but I'm not planning on ending my love affair with my city quite yet). So yes, I am more than excited to see the Hoosiers make it to the NCAA's Sweet Sixteen and will be front and center with my hubby and our fellow alums tonight to watch IU in action against Kentucky.

I love sports, but I've never been ride or die about basketball. (The NBA? No. Just ... no.) However, you can't live in Indiana and NOT root for collegiate basketball. Born and raised Hoosiers have it in their blood (well, most of us do), and whether you're cheering for IU, Butler or PurdueWe love all of our basketball! But let's be honest, IU is definitely the best. :)

And IU is more than overdue for a NCAA championship. Butler came pretty close recently, but it's the good ol' Bloomington Boys' turn!

The excitement over tonight's game is infectious and when I visited campus today to pick up Clayton for lunch, all of the students were walking around Kirkwood Avenue in a sea of crimson t-shirts and sweatshirts. I myself am rocking IU attire at work but unfortunately, it's pink and green. I bought this shirt my sophomore year of college and thought green and hot pink would be like, so totally rad and clearly had zero regard for the fact that my school's colors were actually cream and crimson.

The only legitimate IU t-shirt I still have is one that Clay gave me back in high school and it's from IU's 1987 championship win. I've worn that tee so many times that it has become a dilapidated, faded mess totally not suitable to be seen in public, but I still sleep it almost weekly. :)

In honor of IU making the Sweet Sixteen:

And in case you've missed (and goodness, I don't know how you could):