Courtney confessions ...

  • Every single time I go to Target, without fail, I gravitate to the women’s maternity department, and it takes me several seconds to realize that the adorable outfit I’m eying was made for a woman carting around a 6 pound fetus. Either I secretly have a thing for elastic pants or my body is trying to tell me it wants to have a baby some day.
  • Yesterday I was in serious need for some puppy therapy after an emotionally draining day, so Clay and I went to the mall to visit the pet store. We asked to see an overly sleepy and overly adorable boxer puppy and while she snoozed in my arms, Clay and I took turns talking each other out of buying this $900 dog. Clay can’t bring himself to spend that much money on a dog (nor can I), and I personally can’t bring myself to make room in my heart to love another dog like I do Joey. But, if Clay and I weren’t so good at convincing ourselves we didn’t need every dog we fell in love with, we’d be sitting on about $50,000 in puppies right about now.
  • For the past several weeks, I’ve been watching episodes of Saved by the Bell on my Kindle Fire before I go to bed, and I usually fall asleep praying that Kelly Kapowski’s lush crop of feathered bangs come back in style. She was the first girl I can ever remember emulating and she will forever be the standard of what a girl-next-door should be.
  • I can’t stand having my food touchit’s revolting. Both my sister and I have been weird about this since we were children, and I’m sad to report that not much has changed since we entered adulthood. The only improvement I’ve made in the acceptable proximity of my food items is allowing corn and mashed potatoes to mingle, and that’s only because Kentucky Fried Chicken introduced the KFC Bowl and it was the most brilliant food innovation since people started dunking cookies in milk. But ugh, the food on my plate should never be rubbing elbows, especially if there is any kind of bread product around. Soggy rolls make my stomach turn and even though I’d never be so rude as to say anything out loud while I’m dinning with other people, trust me, on the inside I’m screaming.  
  • I can’t say “Alzheimer” or “pneumonia” properly. Alzheimer's disease comes out “owlz-timers disease” and pneumonia always sounds like “ammonia”, no matter how hard I try. Normally, if I can’t spell a word properly without the assistance of Spell Check, I take small satisfaction in knowing that I can at least say the word correctly. But in this case, I strike out completely.
  • My co-workers are now fully aware of my creepy owl fascination. Yesterday one of my friends emailed me a picture of baby owls stuffed in teacups and, not realizing how loudly I was talking since I had my headphones on, the sound “Gooooo!” instinctively came flying out my mouth. I’m not even sure what “Gooooo!” means, but that’s apparently that’s my owl noise. Just how “D’awwwwww!” is my dog noise. 


  1. Those jeans seem to be in style lately and I keep seeing some fashionistas with those shorter tops so I wouldn't be surprised if her hairstyle started being popular again!

  2. I'm glad you mentioned the food not touching! Last night I only got one box for my Buffalo Wild Wings leftovers. I had to build a wall so my Asian Zing wouldn't rub all over my Spicy Garlic ... wow that sounded dirty for some reason.


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