Remember in my 2012 Goals post when I talked about focusing more on my writing? Well, I made what I hope to be a super wise investment and purchased Notably Neurotic's domain name. In the next few days my blog will officially switch from to (if you subscribe to my blog via Google reader or something similar, I would recommend updating the site address later this week. For those of you who just click links to my post via Facebook or Twitter, you will automatically be redirected). It's my first step on the way to becoming a legit blogger and I'm hoping it will really motivate me to take my writing to the next level (narcissism is the new black!). I'm also in the process of working with a really talented graphic designer who is creating a sweet new banner for the site (I'd do it myself, but nobody wants to see a blog banner designed in the Paint program on my desktop). This artist is way talented, in a way that would make almost anyone jealous, and I can't wait to have her skills bring the appearance of my blog to life.

Lots of changes coming up (and they're all good ones)! So stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations on your purchase! I'd like to buy the domain for my blog as well but I think it's best to leave that to when I'm making my own money instead of living off my parents :P

    Looking forward to see the changes on your blog! :)

    Silken Spirits


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