Are you still taking Yaz? You probably shouldn't be.

To this day, over a year later, Why I Quit Taking Beyaz is still my most popular blog post to date. With over 100 hits daily, this post has clearly resonated with hundreds of women who have taken to the internet in an effort to find answers about this dangerous birth control pill.

And guess what? Yaz is still in the news!

Bayer, the maker of Yaz and Beyaz, is currently facing over 14,000 potential lawsuits. 50 women have died from taking the contraceptive and thousands of others are claiming it causes potentially life-threatening side effects. Linda Rosenberg of Indianapolis lost her fertility due to complications from blood clots. 

On February 29th, WTHR Channel 13 in Indianapolis ran a story highlighting the controversy surrounding the pill, talking with scientists and doctors about Yaz's new synthetic progesterone.

Note: This video may take a second to load on your web browser.

All birth control pills come with slight risk, but according to the FDA, "Yaz has additional risks because it contains the progestin, Drospirenone...which may result in potentially serious heart and health problems" in high risk patients."

Still not convinced that Yaz is bad news? Don't be dazzled by the contraceptive's promises of relief from PMS and acne. Those claims have been never been scientifically proven. In fact, the FDA sent Bayer warning letters, insisting the brand run corrective advertisements.

Talk to you doctor and then talk to her again. Do not leave her office until you have all of your questions answered and are familiar with all the risks associated with any oral contraceptive. It is your right to know exactly what is going into your body and more importantly, it's your responsibility. No one is going to look out for you like YOU.