5 Foodie Facts

I don't really consider myself a foodie because by definition, foodies are individuals who have refined pallets when it comes to good cuisine, and I tend to choose chicken nuggets over filet mignon 99% of the time. But I do share one thing in common with foodies: I enjoy food on a very extreme level. I dream about food. I fantasize about food while I run. In short, I LOVE food. In fact, I'd probably die without it. (Ha! Did you see what I just did there? I just blew your mind with scientific logic wrapped up in an ironic little quip)

So, even though I'm clearly not a nutritionist or a licensed dietician and I can't provide you with the same knowledge, I do know my way around a buffet and have picked up several tips, tricks and recipes along my gluttonous journey through this earthly life. I rely heavily on the expertise of foodie bloggers, health nuts and other wellness lovers who cross my path to give me a continuous stream of information and inspiration every single day. Do I have my diet down to a science? Clearly not. I love cake too much and reading scientific jargon makes me go crossed-eyed (I'll leave that to the experts, a-thank you). I won't pretend like I know even a smidgeon of all that there is to know about how we feed and care for our bodies, but I want to keep learning by trial and error and from the kindness of those who actually studied this kind of thing in school. I just get a lot of enjoyment out trying to create a healthy lifestyle for both my husband and I, and I hope that my efforts might keep us fit and happy well into our golden years.

Right towards the end of college I made very small attempts at creating a healthier diet for myself, but nothing really started to click until I started seriously running in the summer of 2010. Even then, the weight I lost was minimal. It wasn't until I bid a final adieu to regular soda and stopped visiting the drive-thru that I really noticed a difference in how my body both looked and felt. The tangible results were the perfect fuel to help me continue to make healthier choices and now I've been doing it so long, it feels like second nature (which it should!).

 5 Foodie Facts about yours truly:
  • I make sure that Clayton and I have wild-caught salmon at least once a week. Even thought the price of salmon fillets have gone up astronomically over the past year, I still throw a package into my cart every time we go grocery shopping. In the summer we like to toss the salmon fillets on the grill with a lemon wedge and in the winter I prefer simmering them in a skillet with simple seasonings and a splash of lemon juice. A steamed, leafy green veggie is my side dish of a choice and I usually pair it with whole grain rice, roasted potatoes, or black eyed peas. 
  • Dinner plans have the ability to change at a moment's notice, but my lunch hour is something I can usually control. Not counting my Friday lunches out with the hubby, my homemade lunch consists of nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, yesterday I had spinach salad topped with mushrooms and light dressing followed by low-sodium vegetable juice and a granny smith apple. Meals like this prevent me from feeling groggy in the afternoons and keep me feeling pretty full until dinnertime.
  • Much to my regret, I don't have a food processor or a juicer, so I was forced to come up with my own take on a green smoothie. Using my ancient blender, I create my smoothie by liquifying one banana (I prefer to use frozen bananas, but it's anybody guess as to whether or not I'll remember to toss one in the freezer the night before), a tablespoon of a peanut butter, a cup of almond milk, and several handfuls of spinach leaves (or kale). Trust me, you could put an acre of spinach into one of these smoothies and you will not taste it. 
  • My sister got me positively hooked on lemon water! Several months ago Ashley sent me a link to a blog outlining all of the benefits of squeezing fresh lemon into a glass of ice water every morning, and I became a huge fan instantly. Lemon water can do wonders for your skin, metabolism and immune system, and it tastes great (so refreshing in the warmer months)! Best of all, you don't need any kind of fancy kitchen equipment to pull it off. Walmart sells simple citrus presses for only a few bucks, or you can toss a lemon to your beef cake of a husband and ask him to crush one over a cup for you (tastes just the same and makes your husband feel extra manly.).
  • I'm not in the business of depriving myself anymore. If I want something yummy and bad for me, I eat it or bake it. Sometimes I have to suffer through the same regretful feelings that have been following me since I thought starving myself was a good idea all those years ago, but a life without doughnuts or cookie dough just isn't a life. In fact, just last night I allowed myself some dairy and ate my mother-in-law's delicious homemade strawberry short cake with a mountain of Cool Whip. And I think the more time and energy I spend trying to recover from those feelings of needing to run off everything bad I eat and reminding myself that it's okay to indulge every once in awhile, it will start to get easier. The experts aren't lying when they say it's all about moderation. 

 Do you have any food traditions in your diet?


    1. I can't believe that's you! That's such a crazy difference. This sounds silly, but I never thought you looked like that before, until I saw the comparison! Yay for being healthy!

      1. I know! I honestly didn't feel like I was that big until I started goIng through old pictures. I actually find it really embarrassing. But looking at that picture from 2009 totally makes me miss my boobs. Haha! I guess even today when I feel like a cow, I just have to remind myself how far I've come.

    2. I live in the perimeter of the grocery store: fruits & veggies, meat/fish, & eggs. No dairy for this gal. Not only does gluten give me horrific problems, dairy tends to give me issues, too. I discovered coconut milk which is faaabuloousssssss. Soy creamer in my coffee?! Ah, nothankyou. Not when I have my So Delicious brand coconut coffee creamer! WAY better!!

      I've been experimenting with adding coconut flour to my gluten-free flour blends when I bake, and I find that because it's denser, and more fiber-filled than the other flours, it satiates me quicker. I get the little sweet tooth craving (b/c I try to stay away from refined sugars, too), and I get filled! It helps with the moderation bit.


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