Where I'm at and other life updates

It's been well over a month since I posted my New Year's Goals, so I figured it might be nice to revisit where I'm at with said "resolutions" (I use the term loosely) and see if I'm on track with my wishes for 2012 and beyond.



Anyway ...

Continue to try and eat a cleaner, healthier diet

I am actually not failing miserably at this goal. Quite the opposite, really. Throughout the day my diet is packed with mostly fresh, raw fruits and veggies and the dinners I've been making for Clay and I have been low-fat and packed full of protein. I successfully turned Clayton on (Meow!) to the taste of barely-steamed broccoli. While he typically likes his veggies to be soft and mushy when cooked, he became a big fan of slightly crunchy leafy greens with a sprinkling of sea salt (and he's getting more vitamins and minerals this way). You're welcome, sir. You may pay me back in kisses, foot rubs, or Trident Layers.

Like a good girl, I've been pouring almond milk over my generic Honey Bunches of Oats every morning and haven't missed cow milk at all. Cheese, on the other hand, is a different story entirely. I've caught myself leering at Clayton's slices of provolone cheese on more than one occasion and when I went out to dinner with my mom last Friday, I totally caved and ordered fried artichoke hearts with a creamy Parmesan dipping sauce. It was shameful and went against my new eating rules ... and it was delicious. 

So I do slip up on my "no dairy" thing from time to time, but it's okay. I'm not perfect and life's too short not to have mozzarella sticks.(Obviously I spelled mozzarella wrong the first time I attempt to type it, and my computer tried to correct it to "motherland". I was like, "No! That's not even close to what I was trying to write! But hey, now that I think about it, it's kind of the same thing." Ah, a woman and her cheese.) I go out of my way not to have dairy whenever possible and if I can't avoid it because I'm at the mercy of someone else's cooking or fried artichoke hearts are on the menu, ah well. C'est la vie.

Be a better wifey

I guess the best way to update you on this goal is to go straight to the source. I asked Clay to weigh in with his thoughts about my wifey abilities. His response:

You’re being super, doll face. 
As the matter of fact, that could be your superhero name: Super Doll-Face!

He flatters.


The other day I laid on the floor of my bedroom and concentrated really hard on how many different outfits I could put together for spring with the clothes currently in my closet and I ended up falling asleep. I believe this counts.

(So to answer you question: No, I've been bad about meditating.)

Try new things

Done and done! In addition to salsa class (which  last night I discovered I am AMAZING at after 4 glasses of red wine), I've been trying new recipes like it's going out of style. For a Super Bowl party on Sunday I baked a batch of dark chocolate brownies from scratch that were made with honey rather than sugar. They looked like black tar when they came out of the oven, but I slapped some icing on top and no one even noticed. I know those "new things" are really tame in the great scheme of things, but given the nasty car repair bills we were slammed with right after Christmas, I can't exactly afford to go skydiving.

But you know what other new thing I tried?
I got a tattoo! I win.

Be a better fur mommy

Joey and I go on walks every afternoon when I come home for lunch. I also make it a point to take him on a second long walk several nights a week (sometimes I even get Clayton to come, too!). Aside from walks, we're tossing his Frisbee for him far more often and on several occasions I'll lay on the floor and burrow under his blankets with him so I can tickle his feet. I'm not sure if these things make me a "better" fur mommy or not, but I feel like as long as Joey has the safest, most cozy life possible, then I'm doing my job right. And every night that he stretches out on the couch, legs spread-eagle and belly facing the sky, he tells me I am. :)

Stay positive, kick out the negative

Can you believe I'm actually doing this one? It's amazing how much more peaceful I've felt the past several weeks simply because I'm refusing to dwell on negative thoughts or feelings. In fact, when I start giving Clayton my typical play-by-play about how much of a screw-up I am and how much I hate myself, we just kind of let the conversation taper off and change the subject. Why? Because it's a boring, pointless conversation and it serves no purpose other than making me feel worse about myself. And I no longer have the mental capacity to tolerate my crazy shenanigans. And I don't want to tucker out Clayton with the responsibility of talking me down off the ledge anymore.

In fact, last night Clay was tucking me in bed (yes, I get tucked in like a 2 year-old every night before he goes downstairs and plays video games) and instead of rehashing my fears or worries about the upcoming day, we started joking around and I ended up laughing so hard I was crying and choking because I couldn't breathe. Going to bed with a smile on your face makes for a far better night's sleep.

Stop stressing my running times

Meh, this one has been hit or miss. When I run on the treadmill, I don't stress my times at all simply because I can run ridiculously fast on a treadmill (I punch in the speed I want and get two choices: either keep up or fall off). However, running out on the trail is a different story. Sunday was only my third outside run of 2012 (bad weather, being sick, and my sweet, sweet tattoo), and I looked down at my watch every time I passed a mile marker. I know it's good to check your time to make sure your pace is on track, but if I come in a few seconds slower than what I anticipated, I start panicking and speed up (which ultimately tires me out too quickly). I just have to keep telling myself that just over a year and a half ago I was running almost 11 minute miles. The fact that I'm in the low 8's (and proved to myself this weekend that I can maintain that speed for 8 miles) should be satisfying enough. And I keep telling myself that is it. I didn't set out to become the world's fastest runner. I just wanted to run. So I am.

Give More

I have to admit, I haven't made leaps and bounds with this goal. I've been pretty focused on all of the above which, in hindsight, are mostly selfish or self-serving goals on my part. I could try to spin it (as the PR pro in me is wont to do) and argue that I can't really help others until I help myself and yadda yadda yadda, but that's just a cop-out. I need to work on this one. Hold me accountable, please.

But I have been drinking more wine and by doing so I am inadvertently stimulating the economy. That's giving, right?

Focus on my writing

I guess my report on this goal depends on what you define as "success". I'm trying harder to blog, but I've yet to sit down at my laptop and write something for consideration elsewhere. When I walk Joey in the afternoons I kick around book/article ideas in my head (multitasking!), but nothing moves me enough to actually get started. I have no idea which direction to go and where I fit in as a writer. At first I thought I wanted to try my hand at chick lit, but the more I write this blog and the more I examine my own personal reading lists, I see that I clearly favor nonfiction humor. I dunno. My life just isn't interesting enough to warrant a whole book:

Chapter 1: How to Maintain a Lovely Crop of Acne at the Age of 26
Chapter 2: How To Break It To Your Spouse That You May Actually Love a Kitchen Appliance
Chapter 3: Runner's Diarrhea: What You Can Do to Avoid a Potentially Socially-Crippling Situation
Chapter 4: Why My Dog is Cuter Than Yours and Why You Should Care
Chapter 6: S**T My Husband Says
Chapter 7: How to Avoid Passing Gas During a Hot Yoga Class
Chapter 8: Why Does Everything About Me and My Existence Involve Bodily Functions?
Chapter 9: Facebook Might Be Ruining My Life
Chapter 10: How to Giant Squid-proof Your House, Condo or Apartment

How are your 2012 goals coming along?


  1. yep, nonfiction humor might just be your cup of tea. i laughed out loud quite a few times throughout this post. ch 1-10 haha!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I'm actually considering using that layout as real book idea. :)

  2. I would totally read the book with the chapters you just mentioned.

    Also, when I first came to your blog, the title showed up as Comic Sans. And I almost flipped my lid.

    It changed, Thank God.

    1. If I ever use comic sans for anything, and I mean ANYTHING, you have my permission to beat me with a wet noodle.

  3. I have so many comments about this post:

    1) No one apologizes for Buzz Lightyear. Not even Buzz Lightyear.

    2) Your aside about the motherland and mozzarella sticks made me exceedingly happy...because I feel the same way.

    3) Cutting up your running shoes should definitely count as trying something new. Impressively innovative.

    4) If you actually write Chapter 7, I'd like to order an advanced copy of your book.

    5) When I drink wine, I shop online. Double economic boost for America...crippling poverty for me.

    6) Keep on keepin' on, lady. Nice work.

    1. 1) I have a Buzz Light Year action figure that I received for a Christmas present ... as an 18 year-old. Am I pleased with my life decisions? Darn tootin'.

      2) Cheese should become our national currency

      3) I felt like MacGyver, I'm not gonna lie.

      4) After writing this post I looked at my fake book chapters and realized that I really could try to write a book like that and you best your bottom dollar that WILL be a chapter.

      5) You are clearly doing more for our country than I am by both drinking AND shopping. You're a good American.

      6) I love your comments. :)


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