Things I'm Loving Right This Very Second

Remember that one time I had a "Things I Love Thursday" segment on my blog?

Me either.

But you know what I do have for you today?

Things I'm Lovin' Right This Very Second!
(and yes, I spelled "lovin'" without a "g" because I'm hip like that)

My owl ring

Some people say the best things in life are free. I happen to believe that the best things in life cost $1.99 and have free shipping on ebay. Behold! My little owl ring with black gemstone eyes! I don't know how or why I developed this strange affinity to all things that go "Hoot!" in the night, but I'm totally crushing on owls right now.


Maybe it's because I'm really an old lady trapped in a 20-something's body or maybe it's because I used to be Mr. Rodgers in another life, but I do love me some cardigans. My wardrobe is actually morphing into a librarian's wet dream right as we speak. Last week I went to Aeropostale and found the perfect cardigan (light-weight material, 3/4 length sleeves with pockets) for a measly $12. In fact, it was so nice, I bought it twice ... in two different colors. For the past several months it's been my personal mission to start weeding out pieces of my wardrobe that I bought just for the sake of being trendy or fitting in and am slowly replacing them with things that I feel comfortable in, that feel like me and not poser Courtney. Enter my new cardigans.

 Random, brilliant bursts of ingenuity

So if you were paying attention to me and my whining last week, you're already aware that my super spectacular tattoo prevented me from running. I reluctantly took a week off so I could let my tattoo heal, but even after a whole week of walking on my treadmill in pinch-y ballet slippers to avoid having anything rub on it, the tattoo was still scabbed and I was desperate. So on Sunday morning I woke up with the thought, "Dangit, I am going to run today."  Thankfully, I saved an old pair of running shoes and had no problem destroying them by ripping out the tongue and cutting a hole so my tattoo could breathe. I did the same for an old sock and then Bam! I was ready to go. I hit the trail and had one of the best 8-mile runs of my life. I was almost weeping with joy as I pounded the pavement.

The fact that the Ghostbusters theme song just started
playing on my Spotify playlist
right this very second

When I was a sprout, my sister and I had a basement full of Ghostbusters toys including a plastic proton pack and a warehouse play set that included real Slimer slime. Why? Because we were the coolest 6 and 8-year-olds on the planet.

Who ya gonna call!? 

Sure as heck not me because ghosts make me go my scared place.