My Musical Crushes

I fall in and out of love with music all the time. I’ll hear a song, download it to my iPod (or wait patiently for a copy of the cd to become available at the library), play it on a non-stop loop while I run, and eventually get so sick of it that I literally cringe every time it pops up on the radio or my work out playlist. The only music I never tire of are blasts from the past—anything 80s, anything 90s, or anything with the words “Backstreet” and “Boys” attached to it. I also tend not get sick of legitimately good music, hence the fact that Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” cd has been in my car since I was 16. It takes a lot to impress me and very few artists have had the honor of making it to my car’s cd case.

But flash-in-the-pan pop? I fall hard, get hot and heavy for a brief moment, and then totally bail like a frat guy after a one night stand. I kick music off of iTunes faster than Pauly D calls cabs for his post-smush Jersey skanks. 

Current pop obsession:

LMFAO’s, “Sexy and I Know It”

This song is infectious and refuses to leave my head on a daily basis. It’s the epitome of everything that’s wrong with music and society today, the lyrics are ridiculous and have absolutely nothing to do with anything, and the whole song was probably written in less than 5 minutes while most of the band members were high and/or drunk, but boy-oh-boy does it cut to the core of me. And the only thing better than constantly flexing my muscles and proudly boasting to Clayton, “I work out!”, is watching Ricky Martin shake his bon bon on TV while singing, “Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle!”

But I’m also crushing on some majorly talented musicians right now, too. I’m pretty sure Fun.’s "Some Nights” album will be making its debut on my summer driving mix this year. My best recommendation from the cd would be its title track, but I’m sure you’ve heard their most well-known song on a recent car commercial:

And another one of my current favorites, Young the Giant, made an appearance on Glee last week and melted my heart. Oh, Blaine, you will forever be my favorite Warbler … and never mind that your heartfelt performance is edited around a montage of someone attempting suicide. That part is kind of a downer. Ignore that.

What are some of your favorite bands/artists right now?


  1. love fun. lovelovelove. their first album "aim and ignite" is much different than their second. it combines so many musical styles beautifully. second album can be streamed here:

    1. After reading your comment I went and found their "Aim and Ignite" cd on Spotify. You are so right! It's amazing. They're just a great band and I'm so happy to have found them! I'm a big fan of the lyrics over anything else, and these are fab. I haven't crushed this hard on a band since Jimmy Eat World my senior year of high school. Thanks for the recommendation!


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