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Do you remember a few weeks back when I wrote a post praising Bethenny Frankel’s article on Glamour magazine’s website about creating a mission statement that expresses your personal brand and life goals?

Since I wrote that post, I've been reflecting on my own mission statement. I've actually been agonizing over it for quite a while because hey, it’s the statement that defines me as a person and it's not a commitment that should be entered into lightly (kind of like marriage, unless you're a Kardashian. Then it's just a commitment you can half-ass and profit from). I even considered making my mission statement rhyme, but I quickly put the brakes on that idea and told myself to simmer down because perhaps that’s a little too ambitious … and stupid. But then again, I'm also the girl who would add clever quips and anecdotes to my English tests just to give my answers "more flare". That's me, always striving to be a lyrical wordsmith genius.

But nevertheless, I finally crafted what I believe to be the perfect mission statement for one Mrs. Courtney P., and I’d like to share it with the entire blog-o-sphere in hopes it will inspire you to write your own. (It even has a DC Comic reference!)

Design credits to my rockin' sister, Ashley.
I'm dying on the inside because I no longer have Adobe Creative Suite
on my laptop because its memory "can't handle it".

  • I will not be a Robin to anyone's Batman. I'm not going to waste my time playing second fiddle to anyone. I've had so many experiences in my teens and early adulthood in which I played the sidekick, or the supporting actor, and it kept me from shining brightly on my own. Being a Robin kept me in the shadows and kept my opinions and thoughts submissive to someone else's, and it was my own fault that I didn't have a leg to stand on. The only Robin I will ever be is Clayton's because he's my hubby... and lucky for him, I look awesome in green tights. But on the flip-side, I don't want to be anyone's Batman either. You're fantastic and capable on your own, and so am I.  
  • I will live an honest, simple life governed by love and gratitude, not by vanity or material gains. Simplicity makes for a happy life. Strip away the unnecessary, the clutter, and don't make it overly complicated. Expect less. I believe I can do this by having a compassionate heart that values love over money, popularity, vanity, and material possessions. I will always be mindful of my blessings and know that what I have is always enough.
  • I will live a life worthy of my potential. I will not waste my talents with idle hands or by settling for what is easiest. I'll stay true to my passions.
If you haven’t considered coming up with your own mission statement, I highly encourage you to do so. I cemented my statement less than 3 days ago, but I’ve already referred to it twice since then to redirect my focus. In fact, Clayton has one too. He wasn’t entirely sure how to articulate his, but luckily for him he married a word factory and I helped him crank out a delightful mission statement that encompasses everything my husband stands for.

And of course, since we’re both huge dorks, we're getting our statements printed and put into small frames that we will keep on our corresponding nightstands. That way, we can be reminded of our life's purpose every morning when we open our eyes. It's like being smacked in the face with inspiration every single dayworks better than a cup of coffee and it doesn't give you dragon breath (or if you're me, gas).


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