The guy who makes love to his car

On my drive home after work, I heard a radio commercial for the next episode of the Anderson show with Anderson Cooper. Tomorrow's guests include one of the teenage girls from upstate New York who, along with 14 other girls, has been afflicted with an illness that causes Tourette's Syndrome-like symptoms. Additionally, there will also be a young man from the upcoming season of TLC's My Strange Addiction who has a physical attraction to his car.

My ears perked up when I heard "a man who has a physical attraction to his car" because come on, who doesn't love a good freak show? When I got home, I immediately sat down and Googled the TV episode. 


Coming up next month, TLC has the third season of My Strange Addiction set to premiere. The series explores some especially unusual addictions and habits that people partake in. Given what TLC has revealed about the upcoming new season, that’s probably putting it mildly. We have a video from the Season 3 premiere that will give you a better idea of some of the issues people are dealing with.

Among the addicts set to be featured in the new season is a man who has taken his obsession with his car to the next level. His love for his vehicle includes sexual attraction. Per the information TLC sent out, "While most people just wax their prized vehicles, Nathaniel takes his on dates and makes love to it."

If you watch the Youtube video, there's no way you missed this conversation:

Dad: "I don't get it. How does that work? How can you have sex with a car?"

Nathaniel: "Mainly, it's just a lot of rubbing up against him."

^^My head just exploded.

I think that any normal reaction to behavior like this would be pure disgust or bewilderment and trust me, mine was. But the more I thought about it, the more I started to doubt my initial feelings (although the sex thing is probably the creepiest thing I've ever heard). There is so much drama involved in dating nowadays and it's so hard to find a boyfriend or girlfriend who isn't clingy or a complete psycho—who can blame someone for giving up on all of that nonsense and starting a relationship with something that he knows can never hurt or betray him? Sure, his car can't return his affection or engage him in deep, meaningful conversation, but his car can always be there for him when he needs it ... so long as he never forgets where he parked it. And his car will never leave him for someone else ... so long as he never sells it.

Yes, the more I thought about it, the less strange the guy who loves his car became.

In fact, the more I reflected on me and my own life, the more I began to understand.

P.S. Despite what this post might allude to I do not not, nor have I ever, engaged in questionable behavior with my Kitchen Aid mixer. (Unless of course you think singing to her is weird. Then yes, I do that.) But if you read this post and honestly believed even for a second that I was doing anything close to what Nathanial does with his car, then I will seriously start to doubt our friendship. I'm odd, not gross. There's a difference. One involves rubbing, the other does not.


  1. Wow! Just WOW. It's not even that hot of a car!!!! I think I need to start watching this show. Please do not have sex with your Kitchen Aid. That would be a weird conversation with your husband. :o)

    1. Oh my gosh, after I posted this I asked Clayton, "You don't think people will take this the wrong way and assume I'm intimate with my Kitchen Aid mixer, do you?" He was like, "Who are they to judge?"

      So supportive.

  2. Ashley beat me to it, but I hope you aren't intimate with the mixer! LOL And this guy is nuts. I think he's only seeking 15 minutes of fame. I believe people who really do this type of thing usually take it to the grave with them, not announce it on TLC.. lmao

    1. RIGHT? Who willingly admits that on national television? That's a topic best discussed um, never.

      I love my mixer, but I don't love it in that way! LOL!

  3. I love that show!! But, some people on it scare me. I feel like it's not sex with his car if there is no penetration... but who knows. I've never had sex with a car. I don't know.


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