Courtney Confessions: Valetine's Day edition

Since we have Salsa class on Tuesday night, Valentine's Day came early in our house. I left the apartment on Saturday afternoon to run a few errands and when I came home, Clayton was not only painting the staircase for me (when he wrestled our treadmill up the stairs on move-in day, he took a considerable amount of paint off the railing), but a bouquet of black magic roses and Dove chocolates were waiting for me on the table. As I started to shove chocolately treats into my face at record speed, Clay walked over and presented me with a tiny jewelry box that was cupped into his paint-stained hands. We don't always do gifts on Valentine's Day, so when he pulls out all of the stops, it's always a delightful surprise that catches me off guard. I unwrapped a beautiful pair of round cut diamond earrings and was so excited and thankful that I actually offered him a bite of one of my chocolates.

But just one.

So I have to confess, even though I hear stories and cute little anecdotes about the sweet, thoughtful things that other boyfriends and husbands do for the special ladies in their lives, I still believe Clayton is the best of the best. His parents raised him right, and he's not wonderful just because he occasionally buys me sparkly things (although that's a pretty rad perk of being his wife). He's wonderful because he scrapes my car windshield in the morning before he leaves for work, and because he makes me laugh so hard that sometimes I think wearing adult diapers might not be that bad of an idea, and because he brings me brings me home Icees from the gas station just because he was thinking about me, and because every day when I get to work there's an email from him in my inbox telling me good morning, and because he can reference every good SNL skit there ever was, and because after almost 9 years of being with me he still treats me like every day's Valentine's Day.

So keeping with the theme of "confessions", here are some Courtney Confessions for the week:
  • I put my "Journey: Greatest Hits" cd in my car this morning and immediately started to search for "Any Way You Want It", but the opening bars to "Don't Stop Believing" started playing and even though I told myself I was going to skip past that song because it's the only Journey song most people know, I ended up not only listening to it, but I actually shouted it out the window to passerby.
  • Clay and I watched Frozen this weekend, a movie about 3 college kids who get caught on a ski lift after the ski resort closes for the night. When my co-workers mentioned the movie on Friday I scoffed at them because hey, how could a ski lift be scary? Logic would tell you to just jump off the ski lift and walk down the hill back to the parking lot. However, after actually watching Frozen, logic indeed told me NEVER to jump off a ski lift unless you have fancy shattering your legs and being devoured of wolves. Now I'm petrified of riding on a ski lift even though I've only been snowboarding once in my entire life.
  • After listening to it five times during my 4-mile recovery run on Sunday, I'm embarrassed to admit that LMFAO's "Shots" is my new go-to running jam.
  • The last two times I made cookies I put in double the amount of salt required because I clearly cannot read a measuring spoon.
  • Too lazy to walk over to the hall closet and find the measuring tape, Joey has now become a sufficient unit of measurement. This weekend we determined that our kitchen table is three and a half Joeys long.
  • These are the words I'm living by this week:



    1. People are SUPER embarrassed to be near me when Journey starts playing. Or, actually, when any good jam comes on. I went bowling last night and kicked everyone's bootays...I'm convinced it's because "Livin' La Vida Loca" came on in the 8th frame. I BOOGIED, lemmetellya. Moves came out that haven't been seen in this decade.

      Happy Valentine's Day to you and Clayton!

    2. OMG, when Ricky Martin was on Glee last week I kept thinking, "WHY DOES EVERY ONE MAKE FUN OF THIS MAN? HE CAN SHIMMY AND SHAKE LIKE A GOD!"

      I had a moment.

      Bowling! Yay! I haven't been bowling in forever ... mostly because bowling usually makes me hate things. I'm terrible at it.

      Happy Valentine's Day to you, Ms. Lexi!


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