Nose Bleed Weekend

I was a hobbit this weekend. I think I left my house twice. And after a crazy busy holiday season, I was more than happy to take a weekend to be completely and utterly lazy!

Friday night I worked in our Indy office and even though I made it home by 7 p.m., I was still wiped out when I walked through the front door.  Driving to the north side of Indy made for a total of 4 hours of travel time and despite being wildly entertained the entire way up and back down by my office BFF (I was literally sweating from laughing so hard), I just wanted to eat and go to bed. Thanks to a leftover gift card from Christmas, Clay took me on a date and we enjoyed a lovely dinner out complete with white wine and a delicious veggie burger. And then it was his turn to make me laugh so hard I started to sweat. I'm starting to think I have a glandular problem.

After dinner we came back to the townhouse and played a shoot-um-up zombie video game on his xbox 360 (which ultimately gave me nightmares about zombies attacking me at an abandoned hospital) until I was too tired to keep my eyes open. So I left Clay to finish his video games while I dozed on the couch for a few minutes ... only to jolt myself awake because I was having a spontaneous nose bleed. I've never had a nose bleed in my entire life and trust me, I treated it like the Code Red national emergency it clearly was. ("Clay, is it ever going to stop bleeding?! Do I need an ice pack? Does this mean my brain is bleeding? Where is the blood coming from!?") The dry winter air is wreaking havoc on my body this year and my sinuses were so dried out I think the skin inside of my nose just tore open.

How's that for a sexy mental image?

So one of our two adventures out this weekend was straight to Target to buy a humidifier. Carrying the giant Vick's Warm Moisture Humidifier box through the crowded store confirmed one thing and one thing only:

I am officially an old woman.

The purchase of a humidifier actually bothered me way more than it should have. I've always associated humidifiers with babies, the elderly, the sickly, or sickly nerds in giant glasses who have to carry inhalers in their backpacks and are always picked last in dodge ball. 

As I got into bed that night, I popped my mouth guard into place and I asked Clayton, "Did you turn on the humidifier for me?", solidifying my decent into true nerd-om while I simultaneously died a little on the inside. The only thing missing was a pocket protector and Star Trek lunch box.

Saturday night we were going to babysit Nicholas while his mommy and daddy ventured out to a work banquet, but his daddy came down with the flu on Friday and they had to stay home. Clay and I were bummed out as we were really looking forward to the opportunity to chill with the little guy and were interested to see if I could last an entire evening without losing or breaking someone else's child, but we totally understood. Tis' the season of sickness!

When babysitting plans fell through, Clay and I decided to make homemade pizza and bake a big batch of chocolate chocolate chip cookies (meaning I made those things while he sat in the other room and didn't contribute to the project at all) before we watched movies. We also took the Christmas decorations down (finally!) which actually ended up making our house seem less depressing because it no longer had a dilapidated pine tree dying in the corner of our living room.

We also made it a point to watch the New Hampshire Republican debate because Clayton is we are really interested in the election. Honestly, I'm everything that's wrong with America today. I wasn't sure who half of the candidates were and I picked my favorite based on whose tie I liked the most. Don't worry, I made a mental note to stop being a drain on society and actually learn about the people who could potentially makes big decisions that impact my life. After all, I've voted on American Idol a lot, so I totally know how this whole thing works.

Kidding, only kidding.  But seriously, I need to be more educated on what's really important in this world and less concerned about whether or not Vinny will be leaving Seaside next week.

In hindsight, it was a relatively boring weekend. But isn't that just lovely every now and then? No where to go. No one to see. No responsibilities or prior commitments. It was the perfect break from our typical hustle and bustle, and the perfect excuse to sit around in our pajamas and shower less often.

I'm just kidding. I showered the appropriate amount of times.

How was your weekend?