Mission (Statement) Possible

I recently read an older article on Glamour.com written by Bethenny Frankel called "Bethenny Frankel Says You Need a Personal Mission Statement". For those of you who don’t know, Bethenny Frankel gained fame after appearing on Real Housewives of New York City and making margaritas for skinny girls. Now apparently she’s some kind of foodie author and was on Celebrity Apprentice or something like that. I don’t know (nor do I particularly care); I just really liked her article.

from Glamour
Essentially, Bethenny believes that everyone needs their own personal mission statement as a way to remind yourself of who you are, who you want to be, and help you stay true to your course of becoming that person. According to Bethenny, “We all know that life is about the journey, but having a destination in mind gives a sense of order, structure, and, crucially, calm.”

Bethenny advises readers reflect on what we want out of life, to mediate on it. Then, once we’ve established what’s important to us, we owe it to ourselves to shout it from the rooftops, write it down, or bury it in the ground. “Just live your mission in your own way,” she writes. “…try to see everything you do as part of it.”

And in perhaps the most profound piece of advice in the entire article, Bethenny instructs us to “embrace everything life hands you—and when in doubt, consult your mission statement. IT has the answer.”

For a woman who weighs less than 100 pounds, that’s some serious food for thought. I found Bethenny’s article to be incredibly inspiring and it has encouraged me to start reflecting on my life and craft my own mission statement. Especially after my self-image nuclear meltdown last week, I find it crucial that I have a tangible purpose that will help me achieve and maintain true happiness with myself.

What is it that I want out of life? What direction do I want to go? What is my ultimate goal for my time here on earth?

While I was on Pinterest.com pinning up a storm this weekend, I stumbled upon a quote of sorts that spoke to me so loudly that I ended up printing it out and hanging it my office cubicle today, directly above my laptop in such an obvious place that I have no choice but to look at it multiple times a day. 

from theberry.com

While I find that quote to be among one of the most personally moving things I’ve ever read, those are someone else’s words and not my own. Clearly I value the “let go and let God” mantra, but how can I rewrite that idea to fit in my life, into Courtney’s life, specifically?

Obviously, if I were to take a quick stab at my mission statement, it would probably end up being something along the lines of “I was told there would be cake?”, which is exactly why I’m not going with my gut reaction for this project. Rather, I’m going to take some time to reflect and do the whole infamously clichéd soul-searching “thing” to find my true happiness and how to put it into words. I know what’s important to me and what I value most in this earthly life, but how can I put that into a concise statement that will help me refocus and regroup every time I read it?

Of course, like all things in my life, I will keep you updated.

What is your mission statement?