God might really be a stand-up comedian

Exactly one week ago my beloved little car started making a weird rumbly noise from it's undercarriage that sounded like sadness and money coming out of my pocket. Every time I put on my brakes, Gia the G6 (yes, I name all my cars. That's not weird. Everyone does it. Clay's car is named Travis the Stratus) made this really weird noise that if I had to type it out, sounded exactly like this:


Not believing the noise could legitimately be a problem, I causally mentioned it to Clayton later that night. Just a few days later he was driving the car, heard the brake noise for himself and said,"Yeah, that sounds bad. We have to take it back to Eric" (Eric's our mechanic). Cue the major bitch and moan fest because I was NOT happy with that idea. We just paid Eric's mortgage 2 weeks ago when we took my car in for some problem that I am not automobile savvy enough to identify. How could something else be wrong already?

Clay emailed me earlier this afternoon to let me know that my car was fixed and ready to pick up, purposely leaving out the miniscule detail of how much this new repair was going to cost us. 

"...and?" I emailed in return, waiting with bated breath for his response.


I've paid $1150 dollars in car repairs in less than one month's time.

Oh God, You DO have a sense of humor. Or You clearly do not like me ... but I'm so adorable and awesome, I know that can't be it. You are a funny, funny deity.

So with an unwelcome feeling of déjà vu, Clay and I moved more money out of our savings account and continued to help put my mechanic's kids through college. Ugh, it's so frustrating. Again, we are in the financial position to pay for this expense out of pocket and I cannot even express how thankful I am for being able to do that, but still, do you know how many bottles of wine $450 could buy?

About 56.

The answer is about 56.

In other news, Clay and I were both in good enough health to attend Salsa class on Tuesday night and it appears that I was able to overcome the post traumatic stress disorder I developed from our very first class. Thanks to our germ-infested bodies, Clay and I opted NOT to switch dance partners throughout the night, stating that we didn't want to cough in anyone's face and risk passing along the plague. Safety first, ya know. 

So our second lesson was far more relaxed and enjoyable than the first. In fact, I was so comfortable shimmying and shaking around the dance floor with my hubby that I was actually able to absorb the steps we we were leaning! Instead of worrying about standing practically nose to nose with a complete stranger or wondering if my deodorant was standing strong, I was able to practice the art of dance and *gasp!* have fun. I even asked the instructors questions and let her take me for spin on the dance floor when I wasn't fully comprehending one of the turns she just showed us. 

At first I was slightly concerned the instructor would be irked at Clay and I for not playing her "Touch People We Don't Know" game, but after a certain point, I just didn't care. Sure, she repeatedly announced to the class, "We should keep switching parterners!" and kind of gave Clay and I few weird looks throughout the night as we danced in our own private corner, but screw it. I didn't care. For once in my life I didn't care if I was displeasing someone and ya know what? It was liberating. 

Look at me being an adult!

Clay and I even practiced the new steps when we got home that night. Why? Because we're cute, that's why. And you know what? Clayton has some MOVES. When I pressed him to admit that he took ballet when he was a child, he was quick to inform me that he got he sweet dance moves from gym class. "They made us line dance and waltz for a week in gym," he said proudly. Oh Clayton, you are man of many mysteries ...

Oh, P.S. Thank you all so much for the love you showed me on Tuesday's post, Our bodies, myself. I got a lot of positive feedback from the post, mostly by comments and emails from other women who can totally identify what I've been going through most of my life. As usual, I found myself questioning whether or not I should click "publish" and send such a personal confession out in the internet universe, and I even panicked about it a little bit when I went to bed that night,but luckily you guys put my doubts to rest yet again. Thank you! I'm so glad I can be myself. But I just hope that it doesn't weird anyone out that one day I'll write a light-hearted post about my weekend adventures or crazy people who hoard own their urine and then turn around the next day and write an uber serious post about how I can't eat like a normal human being and secretly despise myself most of the time. Maybe I should change the name of my blog from Notably Neurotic to Slightly Schizophrenic?

And one more thing, I'm totally debating getting a tattoo and I want your thoughts. And I want them like, right now. Good on girls? Bad? Location? Context? Leave me a comment or an email or come find me on twitter at @MrsCourtneyP (But be aware, my tweets are protected and you have to request to follow me. It's not like my tweets are too amazing or sacred to share with the general public, it's just that the last time I "unprotected" my tweets, I got constant requests to follow porn stars and wart removal websites.). I tweet, and I tweet often.

You can even come find me on Pinterest. But be forewarned, I mostly pin pictures of puppies and cake. 


  1. You should start a tattoo pinboard. I have a few saved on my Pinterest for that reason. I want to take the tattoo plunge but I always change my mind about stuff I pick months later and worry a tattoo would be the same way.

    1. What a great idea! I will start doing that! And what you said is what I fear most--that I would end up changing my mind and regret. Certainly not a decision to be taken lightly!

  2. I've actually been considering a tattoo myself...for like a year now (major chicken)! If/when I do, I would get one of my favorite Bible verse coordinates on the inside of my wrist. Step one, get courage, step two, get $!

  3. I love lots of people who have tattoos but you have to remember that a tattoo is FOREVER! You are an adult and I know you know this! Just that little bit of mother coming out in me! lol! And I envy the dance class you are taking! I have always wanted to do something like that! But Kyle works 2nd shift so that can't happen right now. Maybe in the future! P.S. I wouldn't want to swith partners either!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. mrs. mock loves lots of people like me who have tattoos hahaha!
      yep, not too many people know this, but i do have two myself...even when i thought i would never get one (and now i have two)! but i took a lot of time considering them beforehand and made sure that they meant a lot to me being they are so permanent. they are both on my hip as i preferred that they would never really be seen by others. one is a verse reference (Jer 29:11) and david has the same thing on his ankle. and my other one is a dove holding a purple daisy which holds a lot of meaning due to family. since the dove was a little bigger, i had a picture of what i wanted and left it laying out for about 8 months. and after 8 months, i still wanted it so that's how i figured that it would be something i would love. lol not to say you need to do the same, but just ideas!

    3. I had no clue that your had tattoos! How neat!

      That's a great way to decide if you really want something!

    4. Ha, Amanda M.! Thanks for the motherly advice. :)

      Hopefully you guys can take a class or something similar in the near future. It's a great bonding experience for me and Clay...trying something new is always fun with your hubby!

  4. NO! Only because I hate (both of) mine. It seemed like a great idea at the time and is there now forever! Just my opinion though :)


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