$700 rant

Now I’m not typically one who likes to complain (<---I almost couldn’t type that with a straight face), but I have to post a quick rant today. I’ve heard that writing down your feelings is way more emotionally mature than ripping keyboard keys off my laptop, breaking glasses and stemware, or body checking innocent by-standers.

My car is an anomaly. It’s only 3 years old, but it’s already had problems similar to that of a car more than triple its age.  Some people would blame it on the fact that my car is a Pontiac. I prefer to blame it on a bout of bad luck and my punishment for spending way too much money on the holidays this year. 

I knew I was having issues with one of my tires, but I opted to keep filling it with air rather than actually dragging it to a certified mechanic who could fix it for me.  But when I stopped at Wal-Mart to get my oil changed earlier this month, I was feeling fancy and decided to have them replace my faulty tire, too.  After falling asleep on a bench while waiting for them to repair my car, one of the repair guy’s approached me and told me that the oil change went perfectly fine, but there was no way they could fix my tire.  The rim was too badly bent and for some reason that translated into them refusing to take off the tire. I guess it has something to do with the fear of being hit in the face with a tire? I dunno.

Anyway, Clay and I spend the next few weeks promising each other that we’d get the VIN number off of my car and contact a local junk yard to see if they had a spare rim that would fit it. (I guess this would be a great time to mention that the "bent rim" situation is totally my fault because I'm somewhat of a "curb driver". Even my friend, Brittany, confirmed during our movie date last night that navigating the drive-thru lane of a fast food restaurant is HARD.) In the meantime, we just continued to fill my tire with air every few days and hope for the best.

And of course, right around the same time, my car decided it hated accelerating. I could push the gas and get my little silver bullet to the 30 MPH mark, but then it would stall out and refuse to go any faster. Moving from 30 MPH to 55 MPH was a lesson in patience and I feel really bad for anyone who had to drive behind me.

My dashboard warning symbols were lighting up like a Christmas tree (which I guess was appropriate for the season). 

We decided to wait until after Christmas to take the car over to our mechanic because no one wants to be depressed or poor over the holidays.  We dropped it off this morning and only a few hours later our mechanic, Eric, called Clayton with the good news (I use the term “good” incredibly loosely). Clay then called me, throwing a bunch of technical terms I didn’t understand at me with one bummer of a bottom line:

It is going to cost $700 to fix. 

Ugh, I know this is exactly why we have a savings account. We’ve tried really hard to save our pennies and were very fortunate to be able to see our savings flourish in the past year. But come on, I was really hoping that money could be put to better use for stuff like vacations or purses or shoes … not necessities. And since I’ve been wearing my last pair of contacts for over two months now and feel like my eyeballs are rotting from the inside out, we already knew we’d be spending a pretty penny at the eye doctor this weekend.

I shouldn’t be whining. I really shouldn’t. Because having to push the date of your hair appointment back a few weeks in order to cover a car repair bill is definitely a #firstworldproblem. It could be worse. So much worse. You know why? Because we could NOT have the money to fix my car and goodness knows, that would be scary and stressful.

So even though I’m feeling a little unhappy and a little inconvenienced right now, I’m also feeling incredibly thankful.


  1. Just be thankful you had the money. That's precisely why it's there. I know it's stressful, difficult, and annoying, but the money was there.

    Think of what would have happened if you didn't have the cash.

    And at least it wasn't the timing belt. Oh jeez. :)

  2. Oh, dear... I'm sorry. With a pontiac, though, expect many more expensive repairs....

    I recently discovered your blog, btw, and I love it... I can relate a lot!!

  3. Brandy! I'm so glad you read my blog (and happy that you can relate)! :)

    I bought my car right after Pontiac went under because it was a very new car for VERY little money. I've heard both good and bad about the brand, and I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that there's more good than bad!


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