More Courtney Confessions

I hate coming across in my blog as whiny or pathetic or vain, especially when I know that there are far worse thing in life than anything I'm currently dealing with. But I'm glad I did open up about my embarrassing struggle with adult acne last night because I got a lot of wonderful comments and suggestions from my friends on Facebook on how to go about fixing the problem.  It's the little things like that encourage me to always be open and honest because 99% of the time there's someone out there who knows exactly what I'm going through and can offer advice that I may never have thought of or found myself. Solidarity my sisters!

I'm certainly not the first (and I certainly won't be the last) person to get a pimple in their mid-20s, so I should probably just relax and stop stressing about it.  Clearly Clayton can still tolerate looking at me with the lights on, so we're good to go. I'm hopeful that one day, if even for the briefest of moments, I will have the lustrous, glowing skin I've always wanted (and not because it's oily.) Or, at the very least, one day I hope to have clear skin for Pete's sake.

Every time I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta (guilty pleasure), I marvel at Phaedra's flawless complexion.

But in honor of coming clean about my acne stresses, I thought this would be a good segue into another round of Courtney confessions.  As always, feel free to judge me or comment with your own idiosyncrasies.

More Courtney Confessions
  • I finally got notification from our local library that Tina Fey's Bossypants was returned and ready for me to pick up (me too cheap to buy a book? Definitely). I couldn't drive to the library fast enough. I was on the library's waiting list for several months, and last night I stayed up far later than I should have plowing through the pages. Tine Fey is my hero.  I guess it's not really a confession since I clearly have no problems proclaiming my love for her from the blog-o-sphere, but my obsession with her is border-line inappropriate. She's not only the writer of one of my favorite movies, Mean Girls, but she is smart, witty, and has had huge success in a male-dominated industry--what's not to love? Check out her acceptance speech for the Mark Twain Prize, it's inspiring!
Apparently HTLM coding hates me and I can't actually imbed the video. 
But feel free to check out her rad acceptance speech here.
  • I have not done laundry for going on 3 weeks now (if my mom is reading this, I'm really sorry. This is in no way a direct reflection on your parenting abilities. Clearly it's not you, it's me.). Luckily for me, I have an arsenal of underwear and far more shirts and tops than one person will ever need, so I have not been personally affected by this tragedy.  However, you should see the mountain of dirty clothes in our laundry hamper. I'm pretty sure Joey could scale it ... it would be his Everest.
  • I pulled a muscle in my upper back and I'm 99% sure it's because I was dancing on the treadmill while I ran last night. Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" came on my ipod and I just couldn't help myself.
  • I received an email notification yesterday from the race people at the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon letting me know that I would be placed in a preferred corral for the race this year. Preferred corrals are for people who register for the half marathon claiming they can run the race in a certain amount of time, and can then provide evidence as such via results from another race they participated in earlier that year. These people are then "seeded".  Thanks to my sub-2 Monumental Half time from this last November, I felt confident enough to request seeding for the OneAmerica race. I won't be at the very front of the start line, but I certainly will not be as far back as I was last year, and that makes me feel like I accomplished something.  I was really excited to get the news (the dumbest things excite me), but I have to be honest, I had a brief moment of panic because I'm secretly terrified of getting trampled. I keep picturing The Running of the Bulls in Spain ... but with water stations ...
  • I refuse to ever see The Muppets movie for this reason and this reason only:

Seriously? No, really, SERIOUSLY?!

What the heck is that thing anyway? A rejected Geico caveman? I remember being scared of him when I was a toddler, nevermind that I'm now a grown woman and he still makes me uncomfortable. I thought muppets were supposed to be adorable, not menacing. And I'm sorry, but naming this muppet Sweetums does not make him any less creepy ... nor does having him stroll down the street with pink shopping bags: