Courtney Confessions - December 29th, 2011

  • I’m already jealous of Clayton’s Xbox 360. I think he likes it better than me.
    • I received a little Christmas cash this year and decided to treat myself to a new skin-care regime. I skipped my pimply face right up the Clinique counter at the mall and took an electronic quiz on an iPad to determine what type of skin I have (but I really don’t need an iPad quiz to tell me that my skin type is GREASY). When the consultant took one look at me and said, “You don’t look like you have acne at all”, I could have reached over the cosmetics counter and kissed her. But I didn't. Instead I bought lots of products.
    • My mom bought me an American Eagle white loop scarf from my Christmas wish list and I have only taken it off to sleep, shower and run. It’s my new favorite accessory and I even wear it sitting on the couch in my pajamas because it’s that amazingly soft and comfortable. 
    • I’ve watched more Netflix on my Kindle Fire than I’ve read actual ebooks. Oops.
      • I’m completely and utterly ashamed of how sore my biceps and shoulders are from playing Just Dance 3 on our Wii. I could hardly pick up my purse yesterday. Me, the girl who can run for literally hours cannot pull off a 3 minute Level 1 dance to Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” without pausing half way through for a break.  
      • I downloaded a bunch of apps to my iPod Touch and they fall into one of two categories: fart sounds or words games. I’m a nerdy girl who loves her some electronic flatulence.
      • We gave Joey a stuffed skunk for Christmas and named him Le Pew in hopes that if we ask, “Ou est Le Pew?” (“Where is Le Pew?”) enough times, we will eventually teach our dog French.
      • I’m just now discovering how awesome Jay-Z’s older music is and now 99% of all of my running playlists are gangster rap. Get it? 99%?! HE’S GOT "99 PROBLEMS, BUT THE …"


      1. * My husband likes his (brother's) xbox better than me, too. I feel your pain.

        * You think the Lenny Kravitz song makes your shoulders hurt? Try the Sugerhill Gang one. THAT one made my shoulders hurt. I've played that game everyday for over an hour since I got it on Christmas Eve. I've lost 3 pounds. HA! New exercise regime? I think so.

        * One of Matt's presents was a German Shepherd so now Matt wants to learn German so he can 'communicate' with the dog. (my husband is such a goofball).

        * Jay-Z is fantastic. Most of my music for exercising comes from 80's rap. Because I'm gangster like that.



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