Yet another weekend recap brought to you by Kitchen Aid

Hmmm, it looks as if no one made a donation to my sister’s charity fund over the weekend.  How disappointing! I was seriously looking forward to the opportunity to devote an entire blog post to someone I don’t know and make up a bunch of awesome things about them and all of the hypothetical goodies I’d bake them.  But, c’est la vie.  I know money’s tight for everyone … and you saved me a chore, really.

Who’s ready for a weekend recap!?

What I did
Friday night I rushed home from work so I could spend some quality time with the trail and completed a 7-mile run (56:29!) in the chilly air. Afterwards, I flew through a shower so Clayton and I could meet up at a bar to watch one of our friends continue on his quest to join the bar’s “Century Club” by consuming all 100 of their beers over the course of several months (a goal that he reached last night, by the way). I’m a plain ol’ lager girl myself and had a Sun King’s Sunlight and a glass of my favorite girly beer, Lindemans Frambois (raspberry beer that reminds me of champagne? YES, PLESE!).

Saturday morning we slept in and spent the day running errands and cleaning our townhouse. I vacuumed it for the first time and man, vacuuming this place takes about 20 minutes longer than it did to vacuum our old apartment. I was sweating by the time I finished the second floor (It was very undignified and gross.). After our marathon cleaning session (do you get? I run. And races are called marathons. HA!), we cleaned up and met our besties at the mall to window shop and have dinner.  Thanks to baby Nicholas and just the stresses of everyday life, it had been a hot minute since we got to spend time with them and it was really nice getting reacquainted and gushing over how adorably chubby the baby has gotten.

Sunday morning we woke up extra early and skipped church so we could help Clay’s daddy-o chop wood and do some yard work as his birthday present this year. However, heavy rain prevented us from following through with our plans (apparently wheedling a chain saw in in the rain is dangerous?) and since we were already awake when Clay’s mom called to tell us work was cancelled, we decided to just stay up and watch cartoons all day (TeenNick’s The 90s Are All That is the greatest thing that’s happened to me since Clayton). Later that evening another set of our good friends, Justin and Jamie, stopped by (our first official guests in the new townhouse!) to watch a late football game and drink some beers. It had been ages since we socialized together outside of the softball diamonds and Jamie actually lives only 20 yards away from me now!

What I baked
Mixie, my Kitchen Aid Mixer (yes, I named her), had a relatively mellow weekend together. As I mentioned earlier, a series of social engagements prevented me from spending a lot of time in my kitchen. However, since we invited friends over for football on Sunday, Mixie and I whipped up a quick batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the occasion. The recipe I found online was perfect; the cookies turned out just as soft and chewy as promised.

But do not fear, Mixie will be back in action tomorrow night as she and I bake a Derby pie for Thanksgiving (you may remember from my previous Things I Love Thursday post that I don’t like pumpkin pie and my mom’s loving suggestion for my dilemma was, “Make your own pie”. Done and done!). I got the pie suggestion from Cassie Johnston of, one of my favorite bloggers whom I discovered last summer while doing a random Google search and more recently learned lives in my neighborhood. How’s that for creepy and ironic? I saw her walking her dog last week and thought I spotted a celebrity. Anyway, she tweeted me the suggestion and after reading the recipe (chocolate: good. Bourbon: great), I knew this one was a winner.

Of course I’m going to post a picture of how it turned out. What a silly question.

What else is new
We had a thunderstorm this morning. A giant clap of thunder woke me up right around 5:00 a.m. and freaked both me and Joey out (I know it scared my dog because the second the thunder rumbled, he farted.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of Joey, intestinal distress runs in the family.) I guess I’m not too surprised that it stormed in the middle of November. After all, tornado sirens are what woke me up last Thanksgiving morning. Ah, global warming.

And I might as well make this announcement since it’s now official and will greatly impact my day-to-day life:

I’m pregnant.

Ha, I’m just kidding. But I did that to my mother-in-law in an email last week and she actually believed me and suffered a minor heart attack.

So no, I’m not pregnant.

But I did get a new job and will be leaving my little university press at the end of this week. 

I will still be working in publishing. So no major change there. I’m going back to the company I worked for before I left to go to that dreaded advertising agency. I’ve officially come full-circle.

I didn’t necessarily start looking for another job because I wanted to. Rather, I started looking because I needed to. Not having full-time status was starting to take a toll on both Clay’s and my income and future.  October was hellacious and between moving, weddings and my godfather passing away, I missed a lot of hours at work. Since I’m not full-time, I don’t have any PTO, which means I simply didn’t get paid for those hours. Hence, a small paycheck. If Clay and I have a prayer of him advancing his degree, I have to be in a position to have insurance if and when he needs to quit his job and go to classes full-time. It’s been a burden on my shoulders lately so naturally, when presented with an opportunity to better our lives, I took it.

I am going to be a social media publicist in the marketing department of said previous employer. It’s going back to my marketing and publicity roots and I am very excited about doing something I know that I enjoy and consider myself to be good at. On top of the day-to-day changes of working a completely different job than what I currently have, I will be rejoining a team of familiar faces that I worked with in the past. The entire team of publicists is close in age and I really look forward to the personal bonding that I hope (and pray) will take place. It seems like a really positive change overall and I’m very thankful for that.

My only qualm about the job change is that I was only at my current position for about 9 months.  I do not want to be a job-hopper or have my resume present me as flakey or non-committed. Unfortunately, it has taken over a year to get my career back on track after leaving the advertising agency. The freelance colorist work I did afterwards was a godsend and once the company made the decision to end their freelance relationships this past summer, I had my current gig as Production Assistant to fall back on.

Words cannot express how thankful I am that even though the jobs came from odd places and at weird times, God always provided an income for me. Everything lined up so perfectly, it’s uncanny. And now, I’m trusting that God is leading me back to where I belong so that I can go back to being full-time and help support my husband as he works towards his career goals (who in turn will help support mine as I try to become a writer).

I just worry too much about how I look on paper rather than what I know to be true about myself. And yet here I am, still trying to justify it on my blog. Ugh ... ANYWAY ... 

So there’s that. That’s my life right now. I’m eagerly looking forward to the holidays. Not because I like Thanksgiving all that much, but because I love food and I LOVE Black Friday. You know what's on my "Black Friday Major Score" list this year? Bath and Body Works wallflower refills.

Dream big. 

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