Big-Nosed Sisterhood

While surfing twitter early this morning, I saw a tweet from Allure magazine with a link to their December 2011 cover shoot with Lea Michele. For those of you who don’t know who Lea Michele is (and clearly don’t have internet or a TV), she is the leading lady of my Fox’s Glee and started a lucrative career in Broadway when she was in her early teens.  A lot of gossip websites have made fun of Lea or criticized her for not succumbing to the standard Hollywood button-nose beauty ideal and going under the knife to fix her honker. They’ve gone so far as to call her ugly because of it.  I think she’s beautiful and reading interviews about her strong stance about not changing her appearance with surgery is refreshing and inspiring, especially to someone like me who has a unique nose of their own. 

It’s kind of a running joke in my family that I have a big nose (inherited from my great-grandmother on my Mom’s side), and their teasing has never bothered me nor made me feel insecure because we all joke about our silly imperfections (although, Ashley, your cheeks aren't chubby anymore and it's just not fair).  However, back when I was in grade school and back when the rest of my face clearly hadn’t caught up with my nose, a mean-spirited girl in my class turned around in her desk, looked me in the eye and said, “You have a really weird nose.” I know I’ve rehashed this story on more than one occasion on this blog and talked about it numerous times in general, but it’s an experience that has stuck with me all of my adult life and one of the few times I can ever remember someone making such a heartless, stupid criticism of my appearance with no regard as to how it would make me feel.  In college, some of my girlfriends thought it would be funny to talk about how small my chest was. I’d go along with the jesting and laugh, but on the inside I was humiliated and embarrassed.  I know our physical appearance is just that, physical (meaning NOT a secret), but I don’t understand why people feel entitled to make comments and judgments about it.  Why couldn’t they be good friends and just talk about my itty bitty boobies behind my back?

Reading the article about Lea Michele and seeing her jaw-droppingly gorgeous photographs for the Allure cover motivated me to go online and seek out other celebrities who have unique noses and embrace my identity as part of the Big-Nosed Sisterhood.

The following women have big noses and are still revered as some of the most gorgeous and sexy women in Hollywood …

Lea Michele
Singer and actress; Glee and the upcoming holiday movie, New Year’s Eve

Vanessa Lengies
Actress; Waiting, Stick It! and most recently, a guest appearance on Glee

Super model; makes me want to stop eating solid food and start walking on stilts. 

Sarah Jessica Parker
Actress; Sex and the City and various movies including Failure to Launch, The Family Stone, and Did You Hear About the Morgans?

And of course, my favorite:

Jennifer Aniston
Actress; Friends and a myriad of movies including Leprachaun, Bruce Almighty
The Break Up, Just Go With It, and Horrible Bosses

Next I think I’m going to google “celebrities with crappy hair and cellulite”, and see I can find more famous sisters to induct into my new sorority. Something tells me this search might be a bit harder … 


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