Later this week I will be writing a recap of my experience running the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon as part of the "Before and After" series on the Perspective running blog (located here). So, in fear of sounding redundant later, I won't go into too much detail about how my third mini marathon went.

But I will let you know this:

Yeah, baby! That's not just anybody's mini marathon finishing time, that's MY mini marathon finishing time!  

It's so great, it bares repeating ...

I went into the Monumental Half praying that I could come in under two hours. It didn't even matter if I finished in 1:59:59—just so long as I could say I went sub-2.  I gave myself the goal of keeping a 9-mile pace which would give me a finishing time of approximately 1 hour and 58 minutes, but by an incredible blessing from God, I pushed my body to come in 4 minutes faster than that. I couldn't believe it! When I saw 1:55:45 on the ticker at the finish line (that time being the gun time. Runners wear timing chips that start recording as soon as we cross the motion censor at the beginning of the race since it can take several seconds or minutes to move through the crowd and past the start line), I felt tears welling in my eyes and I did perhaps the most awkward thing someone could do when running across a finish line in front of hundreds of people—I started ... clapping. For myself. I started applauding myself in public. Awesome. 

But I was just so beyond thrilled that I was able to go sub-2 for my third mini. I had trained so long and so hard to reach that goal and was in shocked amazement that I shaved 16 minutes off my finish time at the One America 500 Festival Mini only 6 months ago. And think, just one year ago I was running 12 minute miles! I'm sure giant leaps of improvement are totally common in the first few years of training and I know that improvements will come in smaller increments as I continue to run, but no one can rain on my parade in the meantime!

After exhausting myself running through the streets of downtown Indy, Clay and I celebrated in a way that only we can—we went to IHop and ate a ridiculous amount of pancakes!

I love carbs. 


  1. Congratulations!!! I can't accomplish anything in that amount of time, let alone 13 miles worth of anything!


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