Update on the move

I haven't forgotten about blogging this week, I promise! A substantial post will come around one of these days, but most likely not today because I'm sick with an ear infection and the thought of even recapping how the move to our townhouse went makes me break into a sweat. Not to mention it's difficult to recap the move when the move isn't over! There's still SO MUCH TO DO. It's the move that never ends.

I can describe the move in one word:


I even wrote a haiku about it:

Mattresses flying,
So dizzy I can't stand up,
Let's just leave it all here. 

But as God is always faithful in proving, things DO get better and nothing is ever really as bad as it seems.

Case in point: Today I was signing up for a various online account and while setting up my profile, the site asked me to select a challenge question to answer should I ever lose my password (which I inevitably will). I scrolled through the list of challenge questions consisting of questions like, "What was your third grade teacher's name?" (I know her name, but I don't know how to spell it and I don't trust myself not to spell it differently every time I need log-in help) and "What is a favorite childhood memory?" (Which I thought was way too specific and I need more than just a 4 centimeter long box to type about how much I loved playing with my Lion King toys in a dollhouse my dad fashioned out of cardboard boxes). The very last challenge question was "What is the brand of your favorite kitchen appliance?"

I couldn't type "KITCHEN AID" fast enough.

That, my friends, is one challenge question I shall not be getting wrong.