My Food Baby

I had a department meeting this morning and after getting back to my desk I emailed Clayton asking, "Chinese buffet for lunch?" (I've been living off a steady diet of Sour Skittles and leftover camping marshmallows this week. I think it's safe to say that Clay and I are well overdue for a substantial, MSG-filled meal). Unbeknownst to me, Clay had already sent me an email saying, "Hey, wanna do the Chinese buffet for lunch?"

I'm telling you, birds of a feather ...

This is not MY belly.
Amazing how I spent the morning feeling so completely ravenous and it only took about 14 minutes at the buffet to become so full that I came back to work and started googling stomach pumping. One of my co-workers likes to tease me because several months ago I came back from lunch (from the same buffet, in fact) and was stuffed to the gills and complaining about my "food baby". He'd never heard the term before (which I thought was strange. But then again, not everyone is a gluttonous beast like me and has to cram food into every little nook and cranny of their stomach at every meal) and likes to ask me if I'm with child every time I come back from lunch now. After I relayed the tale of all the sushi and fried rice I consumed today and expressed my wishes to lay under my desk for the rest of the afternoon, he came to the conclusion that this time I must be having food twins or triplets.

I asked him to just start calling me Kate Gosselin for the rest of the day.

I googled "Food Baby" and this is what came up.
I LOL-ed for like 5 minutes.
Perfect timing, Court. This is the final training week before your next mini marathon and, even though you've been tapering your runs, it's still crucial to stay in tip-top shape and keep your body properly fueled and hydrated. I'm pretty sure a pint of lo mein is going to end up hurting both your metabolism and how your pants fit. Did you even see the salad bar part at the buffet? Of course not because you noticed the giant tub of whipped Oreo pudding and the bowl of rainbow sprinkles first. Justify sushi being healthy all you want, but keep in mind, sushi is remarkably less healthy when it's drowning in a pool of sodium-packed soy sauce. If you puke during your 6-mile run today, your FINAL longish run before the race, it's your own silly fault.

So yes, the Indianapolis Monumental Half is in exactly 8 days.

And as you can tell, I'm incredibly prepared.

Actually, I haven't had a lot of time to reflect on the marathon or start generating all of the nervous jitters I typically get around this time. Being consumed with the move and having to travel out of town this week has actually been a weird blessing because I haven't had the time to panic about the race. However, after the wedding we're going to this weekend, there really isn't much standing in the way of my focusing on mini. I'm sure the nervous butterflies will be kicking in any day now. I've trained for this race harder than any of my prior races and I am earnestly praying that the hard work will pay off. I'm not giving myself a goal pace for this one, just hoping I can beat my previous time at the One America Festival 500 mini last May (2 hours and 11 minutes). My training times are indicating that I should be able to do that ... but I guess we won't know for sure until race day.

Okay, now I'm nervous. Typing about the race just made me start panicking. My stomach hurts. My palms are kind of sweaty.

Or maybe that's just from lunch.