Moving Day!

Today is the big day! In just 2 and a half hours I will be clocking out early, heading home, grabbing some boxes and heading over to our new townhouse to sign the lease and get our keys!

I know, it's shameful that I'm typing this while I'm at work ... but I'm really excited and blogging about it is the only thing that's keeping me from running up and down the hallways at work shouting, "It's here! It's here! The day is finally here!"

But, I actually don't feel much like running and skipping through the office because, wouldn't ya know it, I'm kind of sick today. I guess camping in 40 degree weather and sleeping on the freezing ground with a root digging into your back all weekend can end up making you feel less than great when you finally get home.  Clay and I packed furiously for like 3 hours last night, but I was so dizzy I could hardly stand up and had to go lie down.

I still feel lightheaded and gross this morning, but I'm trying to suck it up so I can actually enjoy today and have enough strength to move all of our stuff without barfing or passing out.

This is just my luck. And it's my own fault because on Friday night as we driving over to the campground I thought, "I can just see myself catching a cold this weekend and not being able to move boxes on Monday".  So, awesome. I jinxed myself. But, I guess the good news is that I'll be suffering through a cold now and will be (hopefully) be over it well before my mini marathon in two weeks (I swear, if I end up jinxing myself again ...).  I'm going to be a walking vitamin C IV drip this week.

But, nevertheless, moving day is finally here and there's a lot to do!  You don't even have to ask if I will be posting pictures of our new place because the answer will always be "yes". Speaking of, camping pictures will be up in the next few days!