Well, our couch certainly will NOT fit in the living room of our new townhouse.  No matter which wall you put it up against, a good 1-2 feet of sofa will be sticking out into the hallway or in front of the patio door.  Putting the couch in front of the patio door is a no-no because, according to our landlord, blocking an exit is a fire hazard.  But really, she could have saved her breath and not said anything at all because I already know that having your couch blocking your doorway is a Courtney no-no and a major redneck hazard.

So, after a brief, yet effective tantrum, Clay and I made peace with the fact that nothing in life is perfect and made the decision to sell our beloved sofa.  Thanks to the project coordinator in me, I efficiently created a publicity campaign for our sofa and, in less than 12 hours after posting ads on various sites, sold the couch to a darling old lady in a neighboring city.

We're taking the couch to her on Saturday because she threw in an extra 50 bucks for our delivery services.  And I thought, hey, I have no problems grunting and sweating for some extra cash.

That didn't sound right.

What I meant is that I have no problems doing manual labor for a few bucks.

So it's a little bittersweet letting go of Clay's and my first piece of "adult furniture".  ("adult furniture" sounds wrong on so many levels.  Mommy? Where do babies come from?  Well, Billy, when a man and a woman really love each other, sometimes they like to express that love by going shopping for a sofa ...") But even that feeling was fleeting because a couch is just a couch and I honestly don't have any emotional attachment to it other than the fact that it took Clay and I a long time to reach the decision to buy it in the first place and we were so proud of ourselves for how quickly we saved the cash for it.

I think more than anything, the entire situation irritated me because now we have another errand to run. We have to pick out another couch. We have to buy another couch.  Ugh, we just did that 7 months ago! Clay and I emailed back and forth a bit today while we were at work, trying to establish a time frame when we could go check out the selection at Big Lots (that's where we get all of our furniture. It's actually really good quality for a fraction of the price.  Look at me endorsing Big Lots ...). The sad thing is, we have absolutely no free time between now and Saturday when we're supposed to drop the original couch off to its new owner.  Chances are, we're going to be couchless for a few days.

I hope Joey doesn't mind if I use him as a pillow.

And you know how people always say things like, "One day you'll look back on this and laugh?" or "One day you'll look back and miss those awkward, beginning years of marriage"?  Well, undoubtedly I know we'll have plenty to laugh about.  But one day in the future, when Clay and I are both old and gray sitting on the 150th couch we purchased together, we'll look back on this time in our lives and say, "Remember when we stupidly rented a townhouse without measuring any of the walls and learned that our new couch wouldn't fit in it only after we stood outside in the dark like creepy pedophiles looking through the windows and ended up having to sell the couch in a hurry only to buy another one less than 7 months after buying the first couch? Do you remember that? ... Yeah, that was annoying."


I think I just feel like things are a mess right now and I'm tired of being in this weird limbo stage while we wait to move into our new place.  Our current apartment is already in shambles with half-packed boxes strewn about (and the fact that I'm still trying to clean the apartment and maintain some kind of order to our home is laughable and adorable), and the fact that we will most likely be without a couch for awhile just makes me feel even that much more like taking a nap and not waking up for four weeks. Because I just know, I know, that there is a jumble of mystery crumbs and wrappers under that couch just waiting to be exposed as soon as we move it.  And you know what really grinds my gears? When you move a picture frame or piece of furniture that has been in that position for a long time and discovere that the wall or carpet space left behind it is now a different color than the rest of the surrounding wall or carpet space because you're gross and dusty and clearly do not clean as frequently as you should.

But, all things considered, the situation worked out the best way that it possibly could.  We sold the couch almost instantly, for the exact price we were asking, and we will be able to pick out a new couch based on the measurements we took on Monday evening at the townhouse.  We are very fortunate.  And, in the great scheme of things, a extra large couch is not much to bitch about (but it's my blog and I can whine about whatever I want to). The couch deal was just an small, extra annoyance in an already high-stress time in our life.  But it will all work out in the end ... just as it's supposed to.

My previous employer posted a quote on her facebook page yesterday that I just love. And it pretty much seems to apply to every situation I've ever found myself in: