Your daily dose of puppy

This weekend I accidentally on purpose DVR'd a show on Animal Planet based solely on the TV show's name and without having any clue what the program was actually about.  Do you even need to question the entertainment value of a TV show called Too Cute! Puppies!? When I woke up on Saturday morning and found the show on my DVR, nestled cozily between last week's Bad Girls Club and an old episode of Boy Meets World, I thought I died and went to television heaven.  As I watched the show, my shrieking and random exclamations of "D'aaaaawwwww!" roused Clay from his sleep. Groggily he came into the living room. "What could possibly be getting you this riled up this early in the morning?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.  Then he looked at the TV, saw the puppies, and abruptly sat down on the couch to watch with me.

Too Cute! Puppies! Follows three litters of pups from birth to several weeks old.  This episode featured a family of labrador retriever pups (the cutest one being Teddy, a black lab who was going to be trained as a seeing eye dog), a family of golden retrievers (equally adorable!), and a small family of shih tzus (I don't do small dogs with bows in their hair. I just kind of fast-forwarded through their segments).

Whoever came up with the idea of using slow motion close-ups on puppies clearly deserves a Nobel Prize.

You might have to watch a brief commercial before you can get to the cute stuff, but trust me, it's worth it.  I dare you to sit there and watch these videos without flapping your hands excitedly and squealing like a school girl.  The show opens with a disclaimer reading, "The following program contains material that is just too cute. Viewer discretion advised".  And I don't think they put that on there just to be coy and witty.  Watching these puppies (except for maybe the parts with the shih tzus) can actually give you heart palpitations and a brain aneurysm.

I'm keeping the blog post short today.  I have some pretty rad dinner plans tonight in addition to going out for drinks afterwards with some other friends (don't let that sentence fool you. I don't have nearly that glamorous of a social life. We just accidentally double-booked).  So, I will be sure to give you a longer, more satisfying post tomorrow (although I'm not sure what could possibly be more satisfying than a blog post about puppies).  I'll tell you about how I got hit on Friday night for the first time ... ever.