Things I Love Thursday: Clayton Edition

Last night my good friend, Jamie, and I went to see The Help.  I read the book earlier this spring and passionately believe it is one of the most powerful, well-written novels I've ever read about one of the darkest, most shameful periods in US history.  When I saw the previews for the film (starring Emma Stone *squeal!*), I knew I had to hunt someone down to go with me ... but only if she'd read the book, too.

Jamie is an avid reader and devoured the entire 464 pages (on her Kindle ... fancy) in only a matter of days. She also heard first-hand (from a boy of all people) that the movie was wonderful.  So yeah, we were pumped.

And the movie did not disappoint! Reading some of the more ugly scenes in the book was uncomfortable enough in itself, but actually seeing it unfold before my eyes was all the more compelling. It kinda made me hate white women in the 60s, honestly. I know not all white women treated their domestic help (or even had any to begin with) in such a demeaning, racist manner, but just the fact that all of this hatred happened only a few decades ago is chilling. Kathryn Stockett, the author of the book, had a black woman working as a maid in her home–and she's only my mother's age! We've come so far as country, but unfortunately we have so far to go in terms of equality amongst all citizens.

I highly recommend seeing the movie.  It is well-acted, beautifully written, and incredibly eye-opening. And, if you're a reader like I am, do yourself a favor and read the book first!  I swear, the casting director picked the perfect actresses for each character.

Now let's get down to the business!

This is the Things I Love Thursday: Clayton Edition.  With every pointless, stupid thing I let myself obsess and worry over, I somehow never manage to lose sight of the fact that I'm incredibly blessed. You can take away my money, you can take away my home, you can take away my closet full of shoes (but dear Lord, please don't!), but as long as I have my life partner I will be the luckiest girl on the planet.  As sappy as it is to say this over and over again, I love my hubby. He's been a light during some really dark times in my life as well as a companion, friend, confidant, coach, cheerleader, and (Gosh, just typing this word makes me feel like my head is going to burst into flames, but it's the God-honest-truth and here it goes:) lover. But all of that disgusting mushiness aside, today's Things I Love Thursday edition is in honor of a few of the millions of things that I love about my husby, Clayton.

The Way He Makes Me Laugh
I've never kept it a secret that the foundation of Clay's and my marriage is humor. Yes, trust, honesty, loyalty, and other equally romantic words are extremely important traits to build a relationship on, but they way we laugh with each other is the glue that keeps it all together. (Or as I like to think of it, the cup of sugar that makes a cake taste so sweet.)

I never have to explain my sense of humor to Clayton. He's gets it (but really, what's not to get about fart jokes?). I mean, he really gets it. And I get him. There have been countless times where he and I have to take a few minutes to catch our breath because we made each other laugh so hard that one or more of us may have ended up peeing their pants a little.

Clayton also makes fun of my laugh because if I were to be completely honest, I'd have to admit that it is garish.  Like, it's horrible.  My laugh is so bad that I have to censor it when I'm around other people out of fear of looking completely stupid or losing my friends. Clay likes to refer to one of my laughs (yes, I have many, distinct styles) as the Stevie Wonder.  This laugh is reserved for when I find something extremely hilarious and I end up guffawing so hard and so long that sound stops coming out of me all together and I throw my head back and shake it from side to side while flailing my hands around. 

To Clayton, the only thing funnier than my laugh is my reaction when he mimics my laugh. He's almost had to call an ambulance once or twice because I was literally turning blue from giggling.

How He Lets Me Know He's Thinking About Me Even When I'm Not There
Some men like to bring home flowers to their wives. My husband likes to bring me home Sour Skittles.  Yes, flowers are a lovely and a timeless romantic gesture, but Clayton figured out really quickly that the fastest way to my heart is through my stomach. There's nothing like having your husband come through the door after a long day at a work with a little surprise behind his back because he couldn't stop thinking about you on the way home. Or when you receive an email at work with a subject line that says "Thought You Might Enjoy This" and you open it to find a youtube video of beagle puppies climbing down a staircase.

The Way He Tries to Understand Girly Things
When you get married and move in with a boy, it's inevitable that some parts of your femininity will be cast aside. You can't very well expect your man to live in an house with pink curtains or have dozens of decorative pillows on your bed just because "they're cute". Men are functional beings. Men are practical. Men are earthy tones.  Men are PLAID. 

Even though I've never been an over-the-top girly girl, when I got married I had to come to terms with the fact that I could no longer decorate however I saw fit, and my purple throw pillows eventually found their way into a donation box for Goodwill. I know that Clayton would never stop me from doing what I wanted, but I was no longer just me—I was a "we"—and I had to take his thoughts and opinions into account.

Clay doesn't really "get" women. He doesn't get why we wear uncomfortable shoes or why we insist on having our nails painted or why we think it's cool to wear giant sunglasses (a trend that in my humble opinion, needs to just be buried underground and forgotten forever). But even though some of our stereotypical "women behaviors" completely baffle him, Clay still makes an effort to understand what it's like to be me. 

Case in point: Clayton has sat down and watched me put on my make-up numerous times. While watching, he'll ask me questions about what I'm applying to my face. He knows every product, what it's used for, and every time he correctly identifies mascara, he celebrates like he just aced a college exam. It's so cute and heartwarming, it almost makes me want to put in the effort to understand something masculine, like auto parts or UFC (emphasis on "almost").

That He Asked Me To Be His Forever
I think this one speaks for itself. :)


  1. Awww so cute! And I do want to see that Help movie! Gotta read the book first though!


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