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Am I the only one who sometimes feels kind of bothered when people say things like, “Have a good time!” or “Have a wonderful weekend”? (and the answer to that question is “probably”) I mean, I understand that it’s a polite gesture and merely the speaker’s verbal expression of well wishes.  However, if you break down those phrases grammatically, “Have a great day!” is really just … a demand.

Am I going to have a great day just because you told me to? Are you going to follow me around all day to prevent anything bad or irritating from happening to me just so you can go to sleep that night with the comfort of knowing that your command wasn’t made in vain?

Random polite person: “Have a wonderful weekend, Courtney!”

My bitter, cynical self: “You know, I wasn’t planning on having a wonderful weekend, but now I definitely will just because you told me to!”

Another random, equally polite person: “Have a super time!”


When talking to others, my personal preference is to say, “I hope you have a wonderful weekend!” or “I hope you have a great day” or “I hope you drop dead!”.

If you hope someone has a good/great/awesome day/week/month/life or whatever, it means you assume absolutely no responsibility if said event ends up going to crap.  You can’t come back to me later and say, “You told me to have a great day, but my day sucked! You and your empty promises …”

You know what I mean?

I probably thought about that way too much.


I had another race this weekend.  I signed up for a 5k that was taking place downtown and had an online coupon code that made the cost to sign up literally only a few dollars.  But when I arrived to pick up my race bib, I was dismayed to find that it was so cheap because I didn’t register for a t-shirt.  Major frowny face.  Everyone knows I’m only into running for the fashion.  After giving Clay some extra pouty lip, he obliged to walk to an ATM, retrieve some cash, and buy a race t-shirt to satisfy his beloved, charming wife.

I’ve put that t-shirt on every single day after work since Saturday.  It was a sound investment.

Anyway, the race went great! The temperatures hovered in the high 60s and the gloomy clouds produced a refreshing mist of rain.  The race’s route weaved through the middle of downtown and then looped around the heart of Indiana University’s campus.  While the course was no where near as elevated as the Vines, Pines, and Inclines Trail Run, there were definitely some elevated, uneven stretches of road.  I ended up coming to the finish line with a time of 24:32 (a 7:53 min/mile pace).  It is my fastest 5K time to date, but after seeing many women in my age group finish the race in under 21 minutes made me realize just how much farther I have to go!  I’m not sure if I will ever be that fast, but I can certainly promise you I’ll spend my whole life trying!

It was a pretty exciting route to run, mostly because a lot of it required police officers to stop traffic.  I felt a secret wave of delight move through me as I looked at the irritated faces of people sitting in their cars as myself and a gaggle of people went running by.  It was one of those ultra cheesy moments when I was literally swelling with pride to be included in this community of people who actually like getting up super early on Saturday mornings to run through the streets.


This weekend Clay and I were also officially assigned a townhouse for next month! We are beyond excited.  In fact, I’m so excited that I’ve been talking about little else other than, “When we move into the new place we can …” and “at the new place I’m going to … “

Ah, knowing we have a place to live is a massive weight off of my shoulders.  All this time the apartment complex was “pretty sure” they’d have a unit available for us in the fall.  Well, not only did they have a unit for us, they had several units—that we got to choose from! That’s right, Clay and I met the property manager and let her escort us about the property, letting us have the pick of the crop.  We ended up choosing a unit on the very end of a building that overlooks a giant field of grass.  Joey is going to have a field day … literally.

Like I told Clayton on our drive back home that day, “Being annoyingly persistent really pays off”.  We stayed in constant contact with the property, told them exactly what we wanted, and they helped make it happen.   Let that be a life lesson, kiddos!

I’m already making big plans for where our furniture is going to go, how I’m going to decorate, and what we’re going to need to buy to fill the space up.  I hate rushing time because life already seems to move fast enough as it is, but the end of October can’t come soon enough!


This is totally random, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway:  When I decide that I really like something, I have a tendency to become obsessed with it until I run it into the ground and get bored.  Right now that current obsession is what I’ve been eating for lunch every day for the past two weeks and I strongly urge you to try it.  I bought a tub of low-fat vanilla yogurt and mix a few heaping spoonfuls with half a cup of Quaker Whole Grain Oats.  Then I put a sliced banana on top and voila!—a healthy, sinfully delicious lunch that costs maybe a grand total of $4 for the whole week.  This afternoon I even took the meal to a whole new level of awesome by drizzling some of the wildflower honey Clay bought me at our farmers’ market earlier this summer. 

That, and I’ve been eating off-brand Fig Newton’s like they’re going out of style.

Gosh, this post has been all kinds of random.  But I guess that’s what happens when you have a slow week and a severe case of writer’s block!  I’ve been bouncing around some ideas for posts, but nothing that I’ve been able to fully flesh-out into a good, satisfying entry.  Looking at my blog statistics, it seems that my readers tend to favor my posts that are more honest and revealing about my personal flaws and struggles (you people like a good freak show, don’ you?).  So, I’ll continue to kick around some ideas and hopefully get something good and juicy for you to read soon!

But, in the mean time, check out runperspective.blogspot.com tomorrow for a guest post by yours truly!  It will be Things I Love Thursday: Running Edition. J

Happy Hump Day!