Photo Booth Friday

Since it's Friday and positively freezing outside (Please remind me that I was whining about it being 50 degrees later this winter when it's about 10 below zero), I wore my favorite, most comfortably soft hoodie to work. It's a baby blue Victoria's Secret PINK zip-up hoodie that I treated myself to earlier this summer (and by "treat myself" I mean I had a coupon).  But wearing it led to a really awkward conversation when one of my male co-workers read the back of my sweatshirt and asked me, "So what does 'Love Pink' mean?"

"Well, it's a brand name," I replied, nervously curling the edges of the papers in my hand and immediately regretting my wardrobe choice. "'Pink' is a brand geared towards college-aged girls. It's from ... um ... Victoria's Secret". There was just something about saying "Victoria's Secret" to a man old enough to be my father in the middle of the workplace that made me feel like my head was going to burst into flames.

"I see," he said, being polite but probably assuming I was some sexual deviant who liked to wear lingerie brands proudly displayed on my person at work. "And judging by what it says on the back of your sweatshirt, I'm guessing you love it?"

"I do," I said quickly, wanting to crawl under the copier and die from embarrassment.

This event can easily be ranked right up there with the time I brought someone (another older man) a giant stack of papers and accidentally said, "Have I got a big one for you!"

*face palm*

I've seriously considered starting a Photo Booth Friday blog segment using the photo booth program on my Mac, but it probably wouldn't be of interest to anyone but myself. Because no matter how many pictures I send to Clayton with the subject line "LOL!", at the end of the day I realize that sadly, I'm the only one who finds them HILARIOUS:

Drinking coffee in my VICTORIA'S SECRET hoodie = Casual Friday SUPER FLY!

I am so thankful no one was walking past my desk when I took this one.  
"Um, I flossed this morning and I'm just checking my work."

And in case you're ever wondering what I would look like 
without a face (and the answer is "SEXY") ...

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here next week!