Things I Love Thursday! (college student edition)

Oh my, it has been a hot minute since I last posted. I'd love to say it was because I was painfully busy doing super important, interesting things, but I hate lying. I have been busy, but I have nothing to show for it. The most outlandishly awesome thing I did this week was get up 15 minutes early and curl my hair before work.

But then again, if you see how I normally look at work this is a huge improvement and should be dutifully noted.

I live in a college town which means that between the months of May and July, it's a perfectly wonderful place to live.  However, between the months of September and April, I more or less refuse to leave my apartment and venture into town, lest I want be caught in a swarm of obnoxious, immature alcoholics who think they are entitled to take over every single vacant space of breathing room in my city.  Sure, just 3 short years ago I was one of those obnoxious people, but now I've since graduated and am a big, fancy adult who cannot tolerate their shenannigans. (Yes, it's hypocritical. Sue me).

Earlier this week I took my lunch break and drove to the east side of town to buy new shampoo and conditioner (which, believe it or not, is relatively exciting for me) at our Target store located in the mall.  As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I immediately regretted my decision to come there.  At 1 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon, Target was bustling like a NYC on New Year's Eve.  Inching my way to the door, I pulled out my phone to look and see if it was some kind of holiday I wasn't aware of it.  And it totally was.  But it wasn't a national holiday that is celebrated with the exchange of gifts and the preparation of turkey dinners. Rather, it was a holiday that is celebrated by cramming as many 18 year-olds in one mall as possible and forcing their parents to buy them brightly-colored bedding sets, microwaves and shower caddies.

Ah, yes. How could I forget? Mid-August marks the return of the college students.

And if going to college is a religion, than Target is the Promised Land.  I only lasted about 10 minutes in the store before I started feeling claustrophobic and panicked. I gave up trying to find the perfect volumizing shampoo and fled the store, crouching over by my car to catch my breath.

I hadn't realized it was so close to move-in day. Shouldn't the tornado sirens have gone off or something? Shouldn't Barack Obama have made an announcement? Give a girl some warning, please!

I've marked August 19th in my calendar as "D-Day".  That is dorm move-in day and marks the official start of my 2011-2012 school year hibernation.


As annoying as it is that the college students are coming back, the arrival of students does signify the beginning of fall.  And fall is my favorite season (and not just because my birthday is in October ... although that does help).  I am majorly crushing on autumn and am almost delirious with anticipation for the crisp, cool air and the colorful foliage.

One of the reasons why Clay and I put up with the college kids and continue to live here is because quite frankly, we live in the most beautiful part of Indiana.  Our city is nestled in the midst of gentle, rolling hills and is only a short drive away form scenic Nashville, Indiana. Much like college freshmen to Target, every year Clay and I make a pilgrimage to Nashville and spend the afternoon walking through their quaint downtown and sipping hot apple cider.

Not to mention, the drive to Nashville in the fall is breathtaking and every season we make sure to stop at the highest point on the route and snap a few photos:

I can't believe I thought that hat was a good idea.

Sunday afternoon we went to Yankee Candle and started huffing their new fall scents.  Spice cake is simply to die for and I think inhaling it actually got me high. As soon as I see the first tree start turning colors, I am busting out our Pumpkin Pie candle and letting it burn until after Christmas.

Style Network's Jerseylicious

Ever since the cast of Jersey Shore fist-pumped their way into my heart, I have been infatuated with any and everything New Jersey.  I don't care if it's an inaccurate depiction of the people living in that state or even if it's an offensive stereotype of Italian Americans because you know why? It's FANTASTIC television and anyone who wants to deprive America from seeing these orange, overly hair-sprayed 20 somethings mate and drink is no friend of mine (and is probably a communist).

Jerseylicious is different from Jersey Shore solely on the basis that these guidoes and guidettes actually have jobs and are semi-productive members of society.  Jerseylicious is a docusoap that chronicles the work and personal lives of employees at the newly renovated Gatsby Salon located in Green Brook Township, New Jersey.

One of the stylists, Tracy, and one of the make-up artists, Olivia, absolutely hate each other and make very minimal effort to disguise their feelings. On numerous occasions the girls have had all-out physical brawls and screaming matches right on the salon floor.  Their bosses watch in horror as the cat claws come out and glitter, fake eye lashes, and giant gold bangles go flying into their air.  Common sense would dictate that one or both of these girls should be immediately fired and banished from the premises.  But that just wouldn't be quality TV programming, would it?  

P.S. I'm totally team Olivia.

Jerseylicious is on the Style Network on Sunday evening at 8pm/EST.

When IT is working on your computer and you have little else to do while you wait ...

This one requires very little explanation on my part. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

(if Jay Leno had Elvis hair.)