Hump Day

Have you ever woken up feeling so tired you were almost drunk? That happened to me this morning ... and yesterday morning ... and Monday morning (I think you get the idea). I never pop out of bed singing by any means, but I can usually wake up and function without wanting to die. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case lately. I've been waking up feeling so groggy, I'm almost convinced that Clay hooks me up to an IV of Nyquil while I sleep. Even coffee isn't helping. I stumbled out of bed this morning so completely out of it, I tried to shut off my glasses instead of my alarm.

Not to mention both Clay and I have been waking up with headaches the past few weeks. So I'm either getting fed a slow drip of cold medicine throughout the night or, as I suggested to Clay with an unreasonable amount of panic in my voice, we might have a gas leak in our apartment. I mean come on, those are the only two possible explanations as to why we're feel like crap every morning.

Regardless, today is Wednesday which means we're moving over the middle-of-the-week hump (or we're supposed to be humping someone because the week is half over. I never quite understood what that saying meant). And this is the first time I'm blogging for the week. I'm sorry! Monday night we were at the ballfields and then last night I had a lot of catching up to do with my DVR (and I'm sorry, I can't let Bad Girls Club or Teen Mom sit in my recordings folder for too long without watching it. And my new TV obsession? Tia and Tamera. Remember the girls from Sister and Sister? They have a new reality show and it airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on the Style Network.)

In Friday's post I talked about the Vines, Pines, and Inclines Trail run I was looking forward to over the weekend. It took place at a local vineyard (with breathtaking scenery), and it was the most physically challenging thing I've ever forced my body to do. It was even more draining than a half marathon! Sure, my first mini was a rather hilly course that took place in a state park, but this race was downright insane. Remember The Hill of Death I was telling you about? It lived up to it's name ... and then some.  And remember The Hill of Discomfort? I didn't know it at the time, but you have to run that hill twice–once at the very beginning and once again at the end of the course. And you know what else someone failed to mention to me? The dozens of other smaller hills throughout the course.

Considering how hilly and elevated that trail was, I'm extremely surprised that my thighs were not sore at all the next day (although I am pretty sure my butt now sits about 2 inches higher than it did last week). But you what was sore? My ankles. Both of my ankles were so sore that I could barely walk on Monday morning (soreness always waits a day to set in). In fact, my right ankle is actually bruised. The uneven ground caused my ankles to bend and roll in way that I didn't think were even possible (or safe), and several times they knocked together and almost made me fall (hence the bruising).

My sister-in-law and I ended up at the Hill of Death at the exact same time and walked up the hill together.  It was steep to the point that our noses were almost touching the ground as we climbed (and of course someone was waiting at the top of the hill and snapped a picture of us ... which I'm sure is the most flattering picture ever. *rolls eyes*). I looked on in complete disbelief while an older gentleman went sprinting past me, running up the Hill of Death. A few minutes later, after I finally reached the top of the hill, I saw the same guy who sprinted up it ... puking his guts out on the side of the trail.

I'm so glad I walked up the hill (like I even had a choice. I don't believe my body is physically capable of running a hill like ... ever.)

Luckily, that was the only part of the race where I walked. By some miraculous blessing from God, I tapped into my inner strength and managed to run every other part of the course. After the race, I told my mom that my stubbornness must be a much better athlete than my body because it absolutely refused to let me stop. My finishing time was 46:32.4 and I placed 85th of 214 overall, placed 26th out of all of the women, and came in 5th place in my age category. I didn't set a goal time, but couldn't have been more pleased with the results (especially considering I went wine tasting with my mom before the race. Not one of my smarter ideas).

But speaking of wine, my mom came up earlier in the day on Saturday so I could take her to our winery before she went to watch me run at the vineyard (that sounds confusing). Oliver Winery is Indiana's oldest and largest winery ... and it's absolutely gorgeous! I love doing their wine tastings because even though I love to stick my classic favorites (Shiraz, Pinot Grigio, Hard Cider), I also like to branch out and try news wines or ones that I didn't think I would like. I'm not sure how long it's been around, but Oliver's Moscato is the most delcious wine that's ever passed these lips (and let's be honest, a lot of wine has passed these lips). I'm not a huge fan of sweeter wine, but it's definitely starting to grow on me. Oliver's Moscato is definitely a sweet wine ... with a kick. It reminds me of champagne! (and we allllll know how I feel about champagne). It's refreshing, sparkly, slightly fruity, and simply amazing.  If I ever build a bomb shelter, I'm definitely stocking it full of this wine (as well as with cake, my DVDs of Glee, and clean underwear).

After I got a good buzz headache from the wine tasting, my mom, Clay and I headed across town to try the new Mongolian grill that replaced my beloved Cheeseburger In Paradise (A buffet after drinking wine and right before a hilly trail race?  How was I not the one barfing at the top of The Hill of Death?). The food was just so-so for me despite the fact that I love Asian cuisine. The only thing worth mentioning about the restaurant is there are like 25 different sauces to choose from for your meal. And this girl is a huge fan of sauce! If it's spicy, I'll eat it. If it's almost too hot to consume, I'll still eat it.

My mom and I at the winery. Isn't she beautiful? She gets that from me.

I know it's Wednesday, so I won't bother asking what you all did this past weekend.  But hey, what are your plans for this weekend?  In case you don't know (and if you work a full-time job, I know you already know), it's Labor Day weekend! I smell lots of hot dog and hamburgers on the grill! (Actually, that might not be true for me. This weekend we're having a garage sale and then I'm driving my mom to the airport so she can go on a cruise to the Caymen Islands because she's cooler than everyone. Unless she brings me back wine ... )